Chad Stahelski Reveals John Wick Anime is in Works

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Filmmaker Chad Stahelski reveals that John Wick franchise will expand more with a new TV series and anime.

Stahelski wasn’t involved in The Continental, a John Wick spinoff. However, he disclosed that he is taking a more active role in a distinct John Wick TV series spinoff. This new project aims to bridge the gap between cinema and TV, featuring increased action and an expansion of characters and worldbuilding within the John Wick universe.

The filmmaker also announced the development of a John Wick anime project, which appears to be a potential TV series format. During an interview with ThePlaylist, Stahelski said, “So we’re really looking forward to that; we’re really excited about it because we’re doing that and a Japanese anime because I love Japanese anime so much. So to create all the cool stories that anime could achieve better than we could and the TV show to expand our world, we’ll still get our fix, you know what I mean? And we’ll still have all the fun.”

“Cause I think, for TV especially, world-building and action, those two have stayed pretty separate,” he explained. “But to try and combine them and give fans [both]? Look, I love the [TV] slow-burn too, but after six episodes, I would like something to happen in my TV shows, you know? So, to try and bring that to TV, what we do with features would be really exciting.”

Hopefully, in the coming months, we’ll receive specific details about both series.



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