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The John Wick action franchise is a well-received action series featuring Keanu Reeves, who plays a retired killer who returns to the world of crime after the death of his dog. The films have grossed over $500 million worldwide, with each entry surpassing the previous one in terms of box office success. The action sequences in the John Wick movies are excessive and awesome, and the director Chad Stahelski has a great deal of experience in martial arts, stunt work, and action choreography. Along with that, The Continental Cast had also achieved the same reputation as John Wick’s whole series.

The John Wick films also have a very stylish and unique world-building style, with a strong focus on a neon-filled underworld of criminals and assassins. One of the most interesting aspects of John Wick is the focus on the “neutral ground” of the Continental Hotel. The Continental Hotel is a safe haven for assassins, where they can rest and relax without worrying about their safety.

What Is The Continental About?

The Continental is a four-part prequel series that takes place in New York City during the sanitation strike of the 1970s when the city was inundated with trash. Initially, it was reported that the series would follow the events of the films, even featuring cameos from Keanu. But now, it’s taking viewers back to square one.


According to Lionsgate’s TV Chairman, Kevin Beggs, the show will follow young Winston on his journey to become the steward at The Continental Hotel. Given the gap of 40 years between the series and the movies, rumors of recasts are already circulating. Beggs said, “What we’re going to do in The Continental is explore the story of young Winston and how he and his team found their way into the hotel, which we’ve already met in the movies 40 years later.

Who’s Who in The Continental?

Colin Woodell is stepping into the shoes of Winston Scott, who has lost a lot of his power since his rise to the top. Ayomide Adegun will be playing a young Charon, a character fans of the movie remember from Lance Reddick’s performance. Peter Greene is joining the cast of Pulp Fiction and will be playing Uncle Charlie, the body disposal expert from the movie.

Mel Gibson is the biggest name on the set and will be playing Cormac. We don’t know much about him yet, but he’s a legendary actor and director, and Adegun got his first IMDB credit for The Continental. Ben Robson will be playing Frankie from Vikings, Hubert point-Du Jour from Doctor Death, Jessica Allain from The Laundromat will be playing Lou, Mishel Prada from Vida will be playing KD, and Nhung Kate from The Housemaid will be playing Yen.

John Wick Spin Off The Continental Official trailer

The Continental was released to the public on August 9th, with the first full trailer featuring almost three minutes of uninterrupted action. Subsequently, multiple stills of the series were released. Additionally, on August 24th, a new behind-the-scenes video was released, showcasing the early stages of Charon’s and Winston’s relationship.

When Is The Continental Scheduled to be Released?

The show is set to debut on September 22nd, 2023, and will be a three-hour miniseries. Originally, the show was set to air on Starz, a premium cable channel. However, in August 2022, NBCUniversal announced that the show would be moving to the network’s streaming service, NBCUniversal.

Kelly Campbell, Peacock’s President of Production and Distribution, said in a statement that the series will be moving to NBCUniversal’s streaming service.

The Continental Story & John Wick Connections


Continental John Wick’s spin-off will be set in the ’70s and follow Winston’s rise to manager of New York Continental. It’ll also do something the franchise hasn’t done before – it’ll be based on real events. For example, it’ll focus on the Mafia’s economic power in New York in the late ’70s, with hints that Italians may have had a big hand in creating the ‘High Table’ and assassins’ underground. Plus, it’ll be set during England’s ‘Winter of Discontent’, one of the coldest winters in the UK and a time of massive strikes by unions.

How Many Episodes Of The Continental There Will Be

The Continental will be a three-part series that will tell the story of John Wick, with each episode lasting 90 minutes. It’s kind of like BBC’s Sherlock, which was great because it gave you plenty of time to get to the bottom of a mystery without getting too bogged down in it.


If The Continental’s cinematography and story are as good as the movies, it’ll be like watching a trilogy of films instead of just one series. The first and third parts will be directed by Hughes, while the second part will be helmed by Charlotte Brackström.

Wrapping it up!

The Continental John Wick spinoff is getting a lot of attention and looks like it’s gonna be a great prequel to the series. The franchise has a huge world with lots of assassins living there and John Wick 4 really expanded the world even more. It even gave us a lot more info about the manager from the movie, Winston (Ian McShane vs. Colin Woodell). John Wick 4 might have been the end of the road for the franchise, but there are tons of other projects coming up in the world of John Wick, and this one is definitely one of them.



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