Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji’s Voice Actor Unhappy Over Upcoming Episodes

Yuji’s Voice Actor

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After the recent episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, fans around the world have been praising the animation for the Yuji vs. Choso battle. However, it appears that the Yuji voice actor is not happy with the future episodes.

The long-anticipated showdown between Yuji and Choso is a highlight of the Shibuya Incident arc. Choso, motivated by a personal vendetta, immediately attacks Yuji, leading to an intense battle. Despite Yuji’s strength, he struggles against Choso’s formidable Blood Manipulation technique, a skill inherited from the Kamo Clan.

In a surprising twist, as the battle concludes, Choso experiences a fabricated memory of his brothers, including Yuji, spending time together. After the fight, Yuji loses consciousness, and the sinister twins, Mimiko and Nanako, set their ominous plan into motion.

Amidst the priase over the spectacular animation, Junya Enoki, Yuji voice actor, shares, “After Itadori faints, Nanako and Mimiko come out. I’m interested to see what the two of them will do to him. But in the middle (of the episode), Sukuna appeared. So I feel sad that I’m not going to be in action for a while.”

Given that Yuji and Sukuna are voiced by different actors, Enoki won’t have a role in the upcoming episodes. His return as Yuji is eagerly awaited, as he skillfully mirrors the poignant manga moment in our beloved protagonist’s emotional breakdown.



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