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The focus is on Marc Forster’s 2013 movie “World War Z,” which stars the famed Brad Pitt. Gerry, a former United Nations worker tasked with looking into a terrible virus that turns people into zombies, is the center of the story. In order to give humanity a chance of surviving, Gerry is forced to solve the virus’s mysteries in a race against time.

Films with apocalyptic and dystopian themes have always maintained a unique place in viewers’ hearts. These films, which are distinguished by their improbable plots and extreme violence, appeal to moviegoers. They frequently elicit reflection on one’s own mortality, place in the world, and ability to process the harsh facts of death.

We recommend you to check the list of TV shows like Stranger Things which is not exactly a zombie movie but the monsters in the movies and TV shows can give you a vibe of a new horrific affection.

Dawn of the Dead


This film similarly centers on a virus that turns people into zombies, much like “World War Z” and the standard zombie film plot. New York City serves as the backdrop, yet it is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Scientist Robert Neville is the only survivor in this terrible earth.

Robert sets out on a quest to find a way to stop the man-made virus’s destructive consequences. In an effort to develop a treatment, he is employing his own immunological blood. This zombie movie is a highlight in the genre, providing a compelling viewing experience that is jam-packed with exhilarating action scenes and compelling narrative.



The plot of this film, which was directed by Matt Reeves and was made by J. J. Abrams, revolves around a group of people who are motivated by desperation as they set out on a journey to save their buddy who is trapped in her apartment during a gigantic monster attack on New York City. This movie stands out and is incredibly thrilling because of its cinematic style.

The film is painstakingly shot and processed in a cinéma vérité manner to give the impression that it was recorded with a single handheld camera in real-time. This method amplifies the thrills and tension of the story by submerging spectators in the confusion and urgency of the scenario.

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials 


In the second book in The Maze Runner series, a similar topic to that of “World War Z” is explored as humanity battles a terrible virus that turns people into zombie-like animals. In this story, medical researchers are frantically trying to find a cure.

Thomas and his friends realize, after making it out of the Maze, that perhaps their supposed rescuers didn’t have their best interests at heart. They are consequently forced to attempt yet another daring escape, traveling across perilous territory, including hot deserts, in order to seek safety with a rebel faction. The hardships they encounter on their quest for survival are explored in this gripping and action-packed movie.

28 Weeks Later 


In this terrifying horror-thriller, the plot develops as the US Army steps in to help secure London after the Rage virus turned a sizable section of the British people into zombies. London had been dealing with the epidemic’s aftermath. However, a survivor unintentionally brings the virus into an area that was thought to be safe, starting a disastrous series of events.

Chaos and terror once more overtake the city once the virus is reintroduced, setting the stage for a never-ending struggle for survival in a nightmare post-apocalyptic environment. The film explores the terrifying repercussions of this deadly virus’s reappearance and the frantic search for protection against a relentless foe.

Train to Busan


After watching “World War Z,” this horror-action movie emerges as a convincing option. Seok-woo and his daughter are the main characters of the novel; they are on a train headed for Busan. Their quest, however, takes a terrifying turn as they get caught up in a devastating zombie epidemic in South Korea.

This movie stands out for its superb cinematography and editing, which deftly foster a palpable sensation of claustrophobia. The movie features thrilling and heart-pounding sequences that keep spectators on the tip of their seats as the characters battle the unrelenting zombie attack inside the cramped cabin of a train.

The Quiet Place


In a post-apocalyptic setting, making even the slightest noise proves perilous as it draws the attention of savage creatures that have overrun the world. The narrative unfolds by focusing on the harrowing journey of a single family as they grapple with the constant threat posed by these blind yet noise-sensitive monsters.

As they navigate this treacherous landscape, the family’s primary objective isn’t necessarily finding a cure, but rather seeking a means to thwart the menacing creatures and, in doing so, reestablish a semblance of normalcy and peace in their shattered world.

The Crazies 


Similar to “World War Z,” “The Crazies” dives into the suspenseful story of a virus outbreak that causes havoc among humans, with survivors struggling for survival in a society gone mad. The plot revolves around Sheriff David Dutton, his wife, and two other people who are put in an unusual circumstance.

A strange and unsettling phenomenon causes people in their community to become violent psychopaths. Surprisingly, these four people seem to be the only outliers, unaffected by the virus’s terrible consequences. The gripping premise of the movie revolves around their fight for survival amid this pervasive insanity.

Wrapping it up!

As a result, “World War Z” is a notable example of post-apocalyptic and dystopian cinema, providing audiences with an engrossing story centered on a global danger in the shape of a zombie virus. Audiences have a special place in their hearts for these movies, which are distinguished by their frequently surreal storylines and tremendous action sequences. They cause people to ponder their own mortality, their place in the world as it has changed, and the difficulties of dealing with death’s stark reality.



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