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Thrillers have long been one of the most popular genres of films. However, in recent years, the popularity of thrillers has decreased. This may be due to the fact that television and true crime documentaries have dominated the market. There are still plenty best psychological thrillers on HBO Max.

Psychological thrillers are bit affection of horror movies and the list we have provided below are picked according to their genres which are pack of drama, thriller and Sci-Fi. The best of all was Under the skin which was rated the highest rated Psychological thriller movie.

If you are a person who really love to enjoy horror movies then we suggest you to check the best thriller series on Hbo Max and if you are bored of it then check the list of best action movies on HBO Max in 2023.

Don’t Worry Darling


Alice is a young woman and her husband, Jack, is a young man. They live in Victory, California, a small company town in the 1950’s. Jack works at a secret government facility. Alice works as a housewife. She spends her days relaxing at home and mingling with other wives.

Although Alice loves her husband, she doesn’t think much of the lifestyle. As time passes, Alice starts to notice things that aren’t quite as they should be. She begins to dream strange dreams and notices that other wives are behaving oddly.

Donnie Darko


The main character, Donnie Darko, is a disturbed young man living in a suburban Virginia home. He suffers from recurring dreams in which a large rabbit named Frank appears to him, telling him that the world would end in twenty-eight days. One night, while Donnie was sleepwalking out of the house, he saw Frank. Frank told him to flood his high school, which he did.

The following morning, Donnie woke up to find a jet engine smashed into his bedroom wall. Donnie believes that he is the cause of the jet engine accident, and he starts having visions of people that have already passed away. He also begins seeing Frank more frequently.



Reality is a 2023 American drama film about Reality Winner, an intelligence specialist who is arrested in 2017 after disclosing confidential information about Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election to The Intercept, a news website. In the beginning of the film, Reality watches a Fox News report on President Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.

25 days later, Reality returns home from shopping and is met by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents who have obtained a search warrant for her home and belongings. During the search, Reality makes casual conversation with the agents, which is recorded on a recording device.

Under the Skin


The plot follows an unnamed alien (Scarlett Johansson) who transforms into a human female. She travels around Scotland in a van, abducting men and taking them to a secluded place where she slaughters them and drains their blood. The story is told from the viewpoint of the female alien, who gradually comes to understand human feelings and wants. As she meets more and more men, she starts to ask questions about her purpose and who she is.

Gone Girl 


On the fifth anniversary of their marriage, Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, returns home to discover his wife, Amy, (played by Rosamund Pike), has disappeared. Her fame as the author of her parents’ award-winning children’s books, Amazing Amy, has caused a firestorm of press coverage surrounding her disappearance.

Nick Dunne’s past infidelity and financial difficulties make him the obvious suspect in the investigation. However, he maintains his innocence and claims that Amy disappeared on her own. Over the course of the investigation, more evidence begins to surface that suggests Nick may be lying. In particular, Amy’s diary is discovered, revealing a portrait of a troubled marriage. Evidence also shows that Nick had contact with another woman the night of Amy’s disappearance.

Pulp Fiction


Jules (voiced by Ed Helms) and Vincent (voiced by Tom H. Macy) are hitmen working for Wallace, a wealthy and influential mob boss. Their mission is to retrieve a briefcase that Wallace has stolen from him. The briefcase is believed to be of great importance, but its true meaning will never be discovered.

Throughout the course of the game, Vincent and Jules engage in a series of violent and strange happenings. They accidentally shoot a bystander, and have a near-death experience when they are ambushed by a gang of men.



Set in suburban Connecticut, the story follows two upper class teenage daughters, Amanda and Lily, who reconnect after years of estrangement. Amanda is emotionally distant from her environment and suffers from an unnamed mental disorder that causes her to be unable to feel feelings. Lily, on the other hand, is wealthy and privileged.

She is dealing with the death of her father, which she finds difficult to deal with. Amanda and Lily bond over their shared sense of loneliness and emptiness. Amanda proposes to Lily that they kill Lily’s stepfather, Mark (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) who she perceives as abusive. Lily initially balks at the idea, but relents.

Wrapping it up!

HBO Max offers a wide selection of thrillers, including classics, new releases, and even foreign language films. Here are some of the top thrillers currently playing on HBO Max: Based on the best-selling Swedish crime novel by the same name, Stieg Larsson, this Swedish crime thriller is a psychological horror film. The film was nominated for five Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director.



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