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Millie Bobby Brown Movies and TV Shows had created great hype around the world in which the little girl showed her best and is now a well-known name in the entertainment industry. Even two Emmy Award nominations have been made possible by her abilities and on-screen persona. However, Millie had previously amassed a resume of roles in other films and TV episodes, so “Stranger Things” wasn’t her first foray into acting.

The most notable movies and TV shows that Millie Bobby Brown has appeared in will be discussed in this article. Let’s first take a look at her early acting career before getting into her lengthy list of accomplishments. Kelly and Robert Brown, who are British, lived in Marbella when their daughter Millie was born.

Stranger Things 


In the critically renowned sci-fi drama TV series “Stranger Things,” played by Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven, series rose to prominence in recent years. The 1980s setting of the show centers on a group of friends living in Hawkins, Indiana. One of their friends mysteriously disappears near a covert government experimentation site, which sets off a chain of paranormal occurrences, and their lives take a surprising turn.

The party comes across a strange girl dubbed “Eleven” who has unique talents while searching for their missing comrade. She is found close to the facility’s woodland section. Many young viewers fell in love with the character of Eleven, making her a global cultural phenomenon.

Enola Holmes


One of Millie Bobby Brown’s most recent films, “Enola Holmes,” which is now streaming on Netflix, stands out. Enola Holmes, the sister of the great detective Sherlock Holmes, is the focus of the movie as she sets off on a mission to find her missing mother.

She travels to London, where she uses her nimble sleuthing abilities to outwit her own brother, Sherlock, as they work together to uncover a complicated conspiracy focused on a young lord. Enola is played by Millie Bobby Brown, who portrays the part incredibly well and demonstrates her acting talent. Henry Cavill plays the role of Sherlock Holmes, and their on-screen connection has a compelling sibling chemistry.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters


King Ghidorah, an enormous monster, attempts to end the Earth in the Godzilla: King of the Monsters film. He awakens more Titans in order to accomplish this, and they will destroy anything that enters within their line of sight. The zoological organization relies on Godzilla to combat the untamed titans ravaging the earth in order to put an end to this madness. In this film, Millie portrays Madison Russell, a character who is the daughter of Emma and Mark Russell.

Her parents are both engaged in this terrible conflict and are battling the Titans. The Godzilla flicks from 2014 have a prequel in this movie. Vera Farmiga, Kyle Chandler, Ken Watanabe, and Zhang Ziyi are also featured in the cast.



The thriller TV show Intruders tells the tale of a gang of individuals who hide within other people’s bodies in order to remain immortal. The character of Madison O’Donnell, who is the target of one of these intrusions, is played by Millie Bobby Brown. An ex-cop from the LAPD named Jack Whelan is given the responsibility of looking into this strange incident.

Madison fights against a serial killer who turns out to be the spirit that sought refuge inside her body. But the cop finds it difficult to explain this puzzling phenomenon of souls. From Millie Bobby Brown’s early career, one of the suspense films.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland


The ABC fantasy television program “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” follows the story of a little girl named Alice as she describes her experiences in a strange and foreign country. Millie Bobby Brown’s first excursion into acting was in this series, in which she played a youthful version of the lead character, Alice. She makes her debut appearance as a young Alice in the series’ very first episode.

Actors like Michael Socha, Peter Gadiot, Sophie Lowe, and Naveen Andrews are among the ensemble cast members who contribute to the show’s carefully knit plot.



Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is in charge of the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) Major Case Response Team. Former Marine Gibbs is renowned for his persistent commitment to solving cases and his prowess in questioning suspects, frequently relying more on his instincts than hard data. Senior Field Agent Tony DiNozzo, who adds humor and movie allusions to the team, is there to help him.

DiNozzo is efficient in his work despite his lighthearted attitude. The group also comprises Junior Field Agent Timothy McGee, a tech-savvy agent who is frequently the target of DiNozzo’s jokes, and probationary field agent Eleanor Bishop, a former NSA agent.

Millie Bobby Brown’s upcoming projects

1) Damsel


Release Date: October 2023

Cast: Millie Bobby Brown, Angela Bassett, Shohreh Aghdashloo


In this new fantasy film, a young woman who thinks she is going to marry the perfect prince experiences a stunning turn. She discovers a harsh truth while being forced into a pit instead of becoming a princess: she was meant to be a sacrifice to quench a ruthless dragon’s thirst for blood. She is fighting for her life and yearning for rescue as she gradually comes to terms with the brutal truth that there is no rescuer on the horizon. This purported “damsel” is forced to muster her own power to ensure her existence after an unexpected turn.

2) The Electric State

The Electric State

Release Date: Russo Brothers will hit Netflix in 2024

Cast: Chris Pratt, Millie Bobby Brown, Brian Cox


The story takes place in a different version of 1997 and was adapted from the graphic novel “The Electric State” by Simon Stlenhag. The focus is on Michelle, a teenage girl, and her robotic companion in a world where humans are engrossed in virtual reality headsets and battle strange and dangerous drone monsters as a result of a technological catastrophe. To find Michelle’s missing brother in this post-tech-collapse world, they set out on a journey together along the West Coast of the United States.

Wrapping it up!

Millie Bobby Brown Movies and TV Shows made a stunning transition from a young child making her acting debut in “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” to becoming a worldwide phenomenon as Eleven in “Stranger Things,” leaving a lasting impression on the entertainment world. She has been nominated for two Emmy Awards, demonstrating her great talent and establishing her as a rising star.



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