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A large audience prefers the psychological thriller genre on Prime Video because it appeals to those who might not typically like horror or romantic comedies. As they delve deeply into the thoughts of protagonists, foes, and even otherworldly beings, these movies provide an exceptional blend of suspense and adrenaline. Below we have presented the best psychological thrillers on Prime Video which are worth watching in 2023.

They are extremely alluring because they appeal to viewers’ brains and emotions. The strong demand for this type of content has prompted streaming services to quickly acquire and make available high-caliber films that explore themes of deceit, insanity, and the unexplainable.

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All The Old Knives


One of the most recent additions to Prime Video’s outstanding library of psychological thrillers is “All the Old Knives”. The movie centers on a historical CIA mission gone wrong, which led to a tenacious hunt for the team member who betrayed their fellow Americans. This movie stands out on Prime Video because it can keep viewers guessing until the shocking twist conclusion.

Chris Pine plays Harry, a CIA agent charged in determining whether Thandiwe Newton’s character Celia was the organization’s mole. Harry and Celia’s history as previous lovers adds an intriguing depth to the tale and heightens the impact of their reunion and the final betrayal exposed in the dramatic conclusion.



One of the best psychological thrillers on Prime Video, “Coherence,” incorporates a subtly fascinating sci-fi element into its plot. The movie centers on a group of lifelong friends who get together for a dinner party the night a comet appears in the sky. They gradually come to the realization that the comet’s passage has set off an illogical phenomenon that has caused disruptions in their reality and plunged them into a night of confusion and uncertainty as the evening progresses.

With its improvised approach to several scenes, “Coherence” stands out as a unique study of an intriguing sci-fi premise. The characters in this story discover that they are their own worst enemies, blurring the line between supernatural strain and psychological tension.

The Wall


Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena star in a limited Doug Liman film on the Iraq War. The protagonist of the tale is a soldier who hides behind a little wall after becoming cornered by an enemy sniper. A significant portion of the movie centers on the suspenseful radio conversations between the soldier and the invisible sniper, which are characterized by psychological mind tricks.

The success of the film primarily depends on Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s performance since he carries a tight mood and skillfully conveys the severity of the fight. The movie is elevated by this potent characterization, which firmly establishes it as one of the best psychological thrillers accessible on Prime Video.

You Were Never Really Here


In a bloody and unusually intimate psychological thriller on Prime Video, Joaquin Phoenix plays the key role. This movie serves as a fascinating prequel to Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar-winning turn in “Joker.” It captivates viewers with its unorthodox strategy, using odd visual and audio design decisions to submerge the spectator in the damaged protagonist’s brain.

The protagonist’s quest to save a young girl trapped in a terrible political conspiracy centered on human trafficking drives the plot. This film stands out as one of the best psychological thrillers on Prime Video thanks to its dark humor and unconventional emotional depth, which provide a surprising and captivating cinematic experience.

We Need To Talk About Kevin 


“We Need To Talk About Kevin” is a 2003 novel by Lionel Shriver that focuses on the experiences of Eva Khatchadourian and her kids. Kevin, Eva’s son, turns out to be a difficult and emotionally distant child. As he gets older, his conduct changes in a troubling way, as seen by frightening occurrences like severely hurting his sister Celia.

When Kevin reaches adolescence, he performs a horrific act, leaving his mother disturbed by concerns about her part in raising him and her accountability for his deeds. Despite the lack of a clear resolution to Kevin’s behavior, the movie successfully holds viewers’ attention by exploring the nuanced, frequently spoken emotions that come with fatherhood.

The Handmaiden 


Park Chan-wook, known for gaining a substantial fan following in the United States due to the widespread appeal of his intense thriller “Old Boy,” boasts a remarkable filmography beyond that iconic work. Among his outstanding films available on Prime Video, “The Handmaiden” stands out as a top-tier psychological thriller.

In this movie, Park Chan-wook weaves a gripping narrative about a skilled pickpocket who devises a plan to seduce a wealthy Japanese woman, with the ultimate goal of stealing her inheritance. The plot is rich with unexpected twists and intricate storytelling. Yet, at its core, “The Handmaiden” explores the captivating journey of two women seeking to break free from the oppressive patriarchal forces that surround them. This profound exploration elevates the film and solidifies its position as one of Park Chan-wook’s finest cinematic achievements.



Robert De Niro and Jean Reno starred in a movie directed by John Frankenheimer, who is well known for “The Manchurian Candidate,” in 1998. It was none other than “Ronin,” a suspenseful story centered on a former CIA agent (De Niro) who has turned into a mercenary. He joins a special group of agents tasked with stealing a briefcase that is extremely safe.

While this outstanding psychological thriller has many wonderful qualities, its thrilling and painstakingly orchestrated automobile chase sequences have stayed in spectators’ minds for more than 25 years. As an R-rated action movie, “Ronin” was somewhat successful, receiving praise from critics mostly for the outstanding performances given by its cast as a whole.

Wrapping it up!

To sum up, the psychological thriller subgenre on Prime Video offers a wide variety of compelling movies that appeal to a wide audience, even those who might not generally gravitate toward horror or romantic comedies. These films are masters at penetrating the depths of their characters such as Ronin in which Robert De Niro’s great action skills increased the value of the movie. thoughts, creating a strong brew of suspense and emotional intensity.



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