Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2: Everything We Know So Far

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2

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When The Walking Dead first graced our screens, it was clear that this series, based on the comic book creations of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, had the potential to become a lasting phenomenon. Over time, it has indeed grown into an entertainment juggernaut, with a massive global fan base. The Walking Dead franchise has garnered immense acclaim, and, as expected, it has spawned successful spin-offs. One such spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, debuted in 2015, winning both critical and public acclaim. The final season of The Walking Dead concluded recently, and it was also announced that Fear the Walking Dead would be reaching its end. Split into two parts, with the first part airing in May, fans were both saddened and excited about the impending conclusion. As we approach the release of Part 2 of Season 8, here’s everything we know about Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2.

Is There a Trailer for Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2?

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer for Part 2 at the moment. However, the series has a track record of delivering gripping trailers, so fans can expect an exciting preview of the finale to come. In the meantime, you can get into the zombie-killing spirit by watching the overall trailer for Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, released in March.

When Is Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2 Coming Out?

Fans have eagerly anticipated the release of Part 2 following the final episode of Season 8 Part 1. The good news is that it was announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in July that Season 8 Part 2 will premiere on October 22, 2023.

What Is Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2 About?

While there is no official synopsis for Season 8 Part 2, fans can anticipate some exciting developments based on the events of Part 1. Season 8 Part 1’s finale left many questions unanswered, especially the mystery of the unknown person collecting iconic items from the show. Season 8 Part 2 promises to be a thrilling conclusion, full of unexpected twists.

Where Can You Watch Season 8 Part 2?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2 will be airing on AMC upon its October release, just like previous seasons. It will also be available for streaming on AMC+.

Who’s In the Cast of Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2?

The ensemble cast of Fear the Walking Dead has been a major draw for fans. Season 8 Part 1 featured outstanding performances from beloved characters. Season 8 Part 2 will see familiar faces like Kim Dickens, Colman Domingo, Rubén Blades, Austin Amelio, Christine Evangelista, and Jenna Elfman. However, not all characters can survive the show’s entire run, and there are some notable absences, such as Alycia Debnam-Carey and Lennie James.

What’s Next for The Walking Dead Universe?

While The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead may be coming to a close, the franchise’s future remains bright. New projects, including The Walking Dead: Dead City and the highly-anticipated spin-off The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, offer fans more thrilling content.

Who’s Making Season 8 Part 2?

The creation of a series of this magnitude involves a dedicated team. Andrew Chambliss continues to serve as showrunner for the final season. Executive producer credits go to individuals like David Alpert, Greg Nicotero, and Gale Anne Hurd. The directorial duties for Season 8 have been handled by Heather Cappiello and Michael E. Satrazemis, with writing credits going to the likes of Robert Kirkman, Andrew Chambliss, and Ian Goldberg.



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