Elite Season 7: What to Expect?

Elite Season 7

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The highly anticipated return of the Spanish teen drama series, Elite, is on the horizon. With Season 7 on Netflix’s radar, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s next for their beloved characters. While Netflix hasn’t officially spilled the beans on the plot, we can certainly speculate on what Elite Season 7 might bring based on Season 6 and the fresh faces joining the cast.

Elite Season 7: What to Expect?

Season 6 left us gripping the edge of our seats with that heart-pounding drive-by shooting, an event that plunged Las Encinas into chaos. The identity of the shooter remains a riddle, shrouded in uncertainty. As Season 7 approaches, our burning questions will finally find answers. Brace yourself as we return to Las Encinas, picking up where we left off, to confront the aftermath of that fateful night. The repercussions of this tragedy will ripple through the students and staff, reshaping their lives and relationships in unexpected ways.

New Faces and Relationships

Season 7 will introduce some intriguing new characters. Mirela Balić steps into the role of Chloe, a fresh face at Las Encinas. Gleb Abrosimov portrays Eric, Nico’s rebellious cousin. In addition to new characters, we can also look forward to the development of relationships that started to blossom in Season 6, like Bilal and Rocío’s, and Dídac and Isadora’s.

Continuing Storylines

In Season 7, we can anticipate a deep dive into the established narratives from Season 6. The persistent clash between the privileged and working-class students will continue to take center stage, making us question our assumptions and biases. Moreover, the series is unafraid to tackle sensitive topics head-on, and we can expect a continued exploration of the harrowing issue of sexual harassment and assault at Las Encinas. Brace yourself for thought-provoking storytelling that sheds light on these significant societal concerns.

Unraveling Mysteries

One of the biggest mysteries left unsolved from the Season 6 finale is the identity of the shooter. Several suspects, including Benjamin Blanco, Armando’s brother, are in the mix, seeking revenge. The fate of the students who were shot remains uncertain, and we anticipate learning more in the Season 7 premiere. Ari’s death in Season 6 will also continue to impact the Guzmán family in the upcoming season.

Developing Relationships

In Season 7, love is in the air, and we’ll witness new relationships blossom. Keep an eye on the captivating dynamics between Bilal and Rocío, where a working-class student’s heart is drawn to a wealthy counterpart, setting the stage for dramatic clashes and heartfelt moments. Likewise, the connection between Dídac and Isadora will continue to unravel, adding depth and intrigue to the storyline. These romantic entanglements are sure to keep viewers enthralled, as they navigate the complexities of love, desire, and societal expectations.

Meet the New Cast

Season 7 introduces exciting new cast members. Mirela Balić plays Chloe, hailing from a wealthy family. Gleb Abrosimov portrays Eric, a troublemaker and Nico’s cousin. Leonardo Sbaraglia joins as Martín, Isadora’s father, returning to manage their family business after a long absence.

Tackling Ongoing Themes

Elite isn’t just about drama and romance; it’s a platform for thought-provoking conversations. Season 7, much like its predecessors, will delve deeper into the crucial themes of class inequality, sexual harassment, and assault. With its characteristic thoughtfulness and provocative storytelling, the series will continue to shed light on these vital issues, challenging our perspectives and encouraging important dialogues.

In Conclusion

Get ready for another thrilling season of Elite. With new characters, evolving relationships, and the continuation of captivating storylines, Elite Season 7 promises to be a rollercoaster of drama, suspense, and romance. Additionally, it will keep delving into crucial themes like class inequality and the impact of sexual harassment and assault. So, stay tuned for the next gripping chapter of Elite.



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