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In the world of animated family sitcoms, Kid Cudi, Issa Rae, and a talented ensemble cast and crew are gearing up to win over hearts and minds with their upcoming series, Young Love. The journey to Young Love begins with filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry’s Academy Award-winning animated short film, Hair Love. This heartwarming tale, which earned Cherry an Oscar in 2020, revolved around a father’s earnest attempt to style his daughter’s hair, an everyday challenge that many parents can relate to. While Hair Love stood as a brilliant standalone piece, it’s now evident that Matthew A. Cherry has more stories to tell about this endearing family. Viewers can catch all the episodes on HBO Max.

That’s where Young Love comes in, as it serves as a sequel to Hair Love. This new animated series will continue to explore the everyday adventures of the loving father-daughter duo and their remarkable family. No matter what challenges life throws at them, the Youngs always manage to overcome them by celebrating their uniqueness and togetherness. So let’s just dive straightaway into everything we know about Young Love, from its release date and trailer to the star-studded cast and its creators.

When Can You Watch Young Love?

Young Love‘s first season is set to consist of 12 episodes, all to be released over a three-week period. The initial four episodes are scheduled to premiere on Thursday, September 21, 2023, followed by the next four on Thursday, September 28, 2023, and the final four on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

Where Can You Stream Young Love?

All twelve episodes of Young Love Season 1 will be available exclusively for streaming on Max, the Warner Bros. Discovery-owned platform. Max boasts an impressive collection of animated content, ranging from adult animation like DC‘s Harley Quinn and Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty to family-friendly offerings such as My Adventures with Superman and the revived Tiny Toons Looniversity.

Does Young Love Have a Trailer?

Max, in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation, dropped the first Young Love trailer on September 12th. The trailer wastes no time introducing the series’ three main characters: music producer Stephen Young (Kid Cudi), hairdresser Angela Young, and their young daughter Zuri Young (Brooke Monroe Conaway). While Stephen and Angela grapple with their own career challenges, they remain dedicated to providing Zuri with the best childhood experiences possible.

Before the trailer’s release, Max and Sony Pictures Animation unveiled the first official clip from Young Love. This clip, reminiscent of the award-winning short film that inspired it, depicts Zuri getting ready for her day by styling her hair. Although her mother is an experienced hairdresser, Zuri seeks a style that reflects her own preferences. Fortunately, her father has become quite skilled at styling his daughter’s hair and gives her a look that suits her perfectly. The clip concludes with what appears to be Young Love‘s catchy opening credits sequence.

Who Stars in ‘Young Love’?

Leading the cast of Young Love are the talented Kid Cudi and Issa Rae, portraying Stephen and Angela, respectively. Kid Cudi, a two-time Grammy winner, has made a name for himself in the acting world with roles in the horror hit X and the visually stunning animated film Entergalactic. Meanwhile, Issa Rae, known for her top HBO series Insecure, has had a successful acting career, featuring in major films like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Barbie.

Playing the role of Stephen and Angela’s young daughter is the emerging talent Brooke Monroe Conaway, whose previous credits include Soul Santa and Sesame Street. Completing the main cast of the Young family are Zuri’s grandparents, Russell and Gigi, portrayed by Harry Lennix (Man of Steel) and Loretta Devine (Grey’s Anatomy), respectively.

Season 1 of Young Love also boasts an impressive supporting cast, including Sheryl Lee Ralph (Abbott Elementary), Tamar Braxton (Being Mary Jane), Jorena Jorge (Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion), Debra Wilson (My Adventures with Superman), and Mara Junot (My Dad the Bounty Hunter).

What is ‘Young Love’ About?

Matthew A. Cherry, the creator of Young Love, shared his vision for the series when Warner Bros. Discovery officially announced it. Cherry expressed his excitement in continuing the story of Stephen, Angela, and Zuri, exploring the dynamics of a young Black millennial family established in the short film Hair Love. Young Love promises to bring this family’s story to life in the form of an animated series, offering heartfelt moments and relatable experiences to viewers.

Who is Behind ‘Young Love’?

Young Love is the brainchild of Academy Award-winning creator Matthew A. Cherry, whose impressive body of work extends far beyond Hair Love. Cherry’s contributions include executive producing the Oscar-winning film BlacKkKlansman and directing popular shows like Abbott Elementary and Black-ish. Joining Cherry in the writing team are Breannah Gibson (Bigger) and Willie Hunter (The Carmichael Show).

Is ‘Hair Love’ Available for Streaming?

If you’re curious about the Academy Award-winning short film that served as the inspiration for Young Love but haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat. You can watch Hair Love online in its entirety, and the best part is, it won’t cost you a dime. Sony Pictures Animation has made it available for free on their official YouTube channel. With over 100 million views, it’s clear that Hair Love has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. You can enjoy the full Hair Love short film below:

A Sneak Peek at ‘Young Love’

As San Diego Comic-Con unfolds, even with adjustments due to the recent SAG-AFTRA strike, there’s still exciting news coming in for film and television enthusiasts. Among these updates is a sneak peek at the upcoming Max television series, Young Love. This series, inspired by Hair Love, received the green light three years ago, and Max has now unveiled the first clip from the show.

Young Love, as previously mentioned, is based on Matthew A. Cherry’s heartwarming short film, Hair Love. The first season, consisting of 12 episodes, revolves around a contemporary Black family. It features two millennial parents, Stephen and Angela, their young daughter Zuri, and her feline companion Rocky. The series delves into the intricacies of Stephen and Angela’s lives as they navigate the challenges of career, parenthood, and maintaining a loving marriage. Beyond these personal journeys, Young Love also tackles pressing social issues and explores multi-generational dynamics as the family strives for a brighter future. Matthew A. Cherry, the original creator, takes on the role of executive producer for the series.

The Hair Love short film initially premiered in 2019, serving as an adaptation of the eponymous picture book authored by Matthew A. Cherry and beautifully illustrated by Vashti Harrison. The story revolves around Zuri, a young girl with a glorious mane of natural curls that have a mind of their own. While she adores her curly locks, she faces some challenges when it comes to styling them. On a special day, she enlists her father’s assistance, and he’s more than willing to learn the ropes. Hair Love combines humor, cleverness, and tenderness to celebrate the beauty of natural Black hair and the precious father-daughter bond. Cherry co-wrote and co-directed the short alongside Everrett Downing Jr. and Bruce W. Smith. The talented Issa Rae lent her voice to the character of Zuri’s mother, a natural hair vlogger. In 2020, Hair Love earned the coveted Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

Exploring Matthew A. Cherry’s Portfolio

While Matthew A. Cherry is most renowned for his work on Hair Love, his creative talents extend far and wide. In 2023 alone, Cherry directed episodes for Apple TV+‘s Swagger, as well as popular CBS shows Young Sheldon and Ghosts. Additionally, he served as a director for acclaimed series like Abbott Elementary, Black-ish, and Bel-Air, among others. In the world of film, Cherry’s credits include writing, directing, and executive producing projects like 9 Rides and The Last Fall. He has also been involved in various capacities in other notable productions such as BlacKkKlansman (executive producer) and The Last O.G. (co-producer).



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