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Among the widely embraced K-dramas on Netflix, romantic-fantasy series have claimed a special place. The anticipation for Destined With You, featuring K-pop sensation Rowoon and actress Jo Bo Ah, is unmatched and poised to further solidify this trend. The show is primed to capture the hearts of K-drama fans with a captivating narrative that skillfully intertwines fantasy elements and romance.

Expect a delightful blend of cherished themes like hidden secrets, fated connections, and unexpected love, making it an irresistible watch. So, here is everything you need to know – from cast to behind the scenes to where to watch Destined With You.

When Will Destined With You Release?

Netflix will debut Destined With You on August 23, 2023, reaching audiences worldwide. Simultaneously, JTBC will broadcast the series on Korean cable television. The drama is set to have 16 episodes, with a probable weekly release pattern on Netflix.

Each episode is slated to run for one hour and 10 minutes and is designated for viewers aged 15 and older. Although specific premiere times for individual episodes remain unspecified, JTBC plans to air its episodes at 10:30 Korean Standard Time (KST), while Netflix is likely to unveil the episodes in the morning.

Destined With You Cast: Who’s Starring in it?

Rowoon takes the center stage as Jang Shin Yu. K-Pop fans are in for a treat as the SF9 member takes the lead once again in his third Netflix Kdrama appearance. He was previously seen in the 2022 drama Tomorrow, where he played Choi Joon-woong. Regarding his character, Rowoon said that, “I’m so excited to play a character with a different personality from the characters I’ve played so far.”

Taking on the lead role of Lee Jong Ho is Jo Bo Ah. This marks her debut on Netflix, adding to her impressive portfolio of well-received dramas beyond the streaming platform. Jo Bo Ah’s most recent appearance was in the 2023 drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938, where she portrayed Nam Ji-ah.

Ha Jun takes on a leading role as Kwon Jae-Kyung. His involvement with Netflix has been marked by his appearance in a K-drama, Arthdal Chronicles, where he played a supporting role across all three seasons. In his latest project, Ha Jun was part of Missing: The Other Side Season 2, portraying Shin Joon-ho.


Yura holds a lead role as Jang Shin Yu’s fiancée Yoon Na-Yeon. She’s an interior designer who is head over heels in love with her lover. However she is keeping a secret from him; she has a poor history with Lee Hong Jo, whom she used to bully. The Girl’s Day member recently took on a prominent part in the Netflix K-drama Forecasting Love and Weather. She’s also garnered attention for her performances in other dramas like Radio Romance, Hip Hop Teacher, and After the Show Ends.

Who is making Destined With You?

Nam Ki-Hoon is directing the new drama. He is known for his work in Tunnel (2017), The Beauty Inside (2018), Voice 3 (2019), Oh My Baby (2020), and Kiss Sixth Sense (2022).

Destined With You Plot: What is it about?

The story revolves around Lee Hong-jo, a dedicated civil servant who grapples with workplace challenges. Amidst her struggles, she stumbles upon an ancient wooden box harboring a book with concealed secrets. Within its depths, she encounters Jang Shin-yu, a brilliant lawyer. Despite his popularity and a radiant presence, Shin-yu carries a hereditary ailment afflicting his family. As their paths intertwine, Hong-jo and Shin-yu uncover a connection that holds the power to alter his life. This unexpected twist sets the stage for a blossoming romance between them.

Here’s the official synopsis:

A drama depicting an irresistible romance between a woman who obtained a forbidden book that was thoroughly sealed 300 years ago and a man who became a victim of the forbidden book.

Destined With You Netflix Official Trailer

The official Netflix trailer for Destined With You hints at Shin-yu and Hong-jo had a broader past that predates their current moment.

Official Poster

JTBC’s dropped the Destined With You official poster. With Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo standing beneath the enigmatic pink moon, it oozes wonderful emotions. Jang Shin Yu is surrounded by thousands of lights, and Lee Hong Jo is carrying a burning piece of paper that is a page from a prohibited book. An ancient wooden box, which stands out among the beautiful foliage, candles, and porcelain bowls on top of red silk are arranged around them. While the texts reads, “Shall we be each other’s destiny?”


Some Behind the Scenes of Destined With You

Fans have been able to take pictures filming behind the scenes, catching moments between Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah.

Wrap Up!

Like any good romance K-drama, Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah will make our hearts flutter and take us into the fantasy realm of Destined With You. Don’t forget to tune in on August 23 on Netflix to catch this captivating romantic story.



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