The Crown Final Season Trailer is Here – Launches in Two Parts

the crown final season trailer

The reign of Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix is taking its final bow. The streaming service has released The Crown final season trailer.

Along with the announcement that the final season will be broken into two parts: Part 1 (four episodes) will premiere on November 16, 2023, followed by Part 2 (six episodes) on December 14, 2023.

The ensemble will continue with The Crown Season 5 cast, including Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, Dominic West as Prince Charles, Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Phillip, and Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret.

The fans has their eyes peeled for Rufus Kampa and Ed McVey, who’ll be stepping into the royal shoes of Prince William. Joining them in the regal lineup are Fflyn Edwards and Luther Ford, set to portray Prince Harry. Meghan Markle won’t be making an appearance. Instead, the final season will wrap up with the blossoming romance between William and Kate Middleton, played by the talented Meg Bellamy, going back to the enchanting year of 2005.

Part 1 of The Crown final season will focus on Princess Diana’s budding romance with Dodi Fayed and the catastrophic automobile accident in 1997. According to a press release, Part 2 will see Prince William attempting to, “integrate back into life at Eton in the aftermath of his mother’s death as the monarchy must ride the wave of public opinion.”

Watch the trailer below.



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