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It’s been five years since Netflix released the Sandra Bullock starrer, Bird Box. People weren’t bird boxing around town with blindfolds, but they were definitely talking about it. The premise was intriguing but everything seemed fairly mid. Still, it was good to see a scary film with a huge audience. That’s always appreciated. This is likewise doubtful in the case of Bird Box Barcelona.

Bird Box Barcelona is a 2023 Spanish horror film directed by David and Àlex Pastor. It is a standalone sequel, which was based on the novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. The movie takes place five years after the events of the first film in Spain. A strange occurrence has ravaged the city, and the few survivors are forced to live in dread.

The story revolves around Sebastián (Mario Casas), a father desperate to locate a safe haven for his daughter, Anna (Georgina Campbell). They set off across the city, but are soon chased by a group of seers, people who have been exposed to the entity and are now immune to its effects.

Bird Box Barcelona is a scary thriller. The picture is filmed in a gloomy and claustrophobic way, which contributes to the overall feeling of dread and uneasiness. The movie’s opening twenty minutes are insane. The rest of the nearly two-hour run length is lacking in twists and turns and world building.  Sebastián, it turns out, is among the latter. He’s seen the monsters and has decided to work against humans. It’s a fascinating strategy, putting us on the side of a deranged zealot who appears charming but is working for evil.

Bird Box Barcelona is a study of characters. A redemption story for a man who isn’t quite himself. Flashbacks illustrate how he got to be the guy he is now. We view the world through his eyes, which explains why he feels he is doing good despite the fact that he isn’t. When he grants people the gift of witnessing the creatures, he feels he is assisting souls in ascending. A present that invariably results in the recipient’s death. We discover that the daughter with whom he interacts is not real. At least not any more. She begs him to expose people to the creatures so that they might one day be reunited.

The film is about the power of hope and endurance. The film demonstrates that even under the most desperate of circumstances, there is still chance for survival. Grief, loss, and redemption are additional topics explored in the film.

Bird Box Barcelona adds nothing new to the pandemic or post-apocalyptic genres. It tells a familiar scenario of an older man or woman leading a toddler around a ruined environment for one cause or another. The Spanish component gave a fresh dimension to this series, which was established in 2018. Throughout the film’s 100-minute length, the authors and directors retained my attention. This was an excellent addition to the series.

Bird Box Barcelona is a well-crafted and scary thriller. The film is not without problems, but it is an entertaining and thought-provoking picture that will appeal to lovers of the Netflix original film.



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