Taylor Swift The Eras Tour: A $200M Record-breaking Concert Film

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The world is all abuzz, with Taylor Swift‘s much-awaited concert movie, The Eras Tour, as it has finally hit the big screen. Filmed across three electric nights during the singer’s six-show takeover at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium, this movie promises to be the ultimate ode to one of the world’s biggest pop queens. Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert movie has already pulled in a whopping $2.8 million from early previews across 2,700 theaters. In a delightful twist, she caught us all off guard by shifting the grand opening from Friday to Thursday, unleashing the excitement a tad sooner.

Now, The Eras Tour concert film has passed the $200M global mark. The film grossed an estimated $6.7M internationally this weekend. Estimated international total stands at $53.7M, estimated global total stands at $203.0M.

For all the lucky souls who’ve secured their golden tickets to the Eras Tour concert, it’s like having a backstage pass to relive the magic, and the perfect chance to whisk their not-so-lucky loved ones along for the ride. And for those who missed out, it’s a golden opportunity to see if reality meets the hype. But for one and all, it’s the time when every seat in the house turns into the “best seat in the house” magic trick.

Eras Tour Concert Movie Premiere

Swift brought the glam to the movie premier, strutted in wearing a fab blue number, doing the whole glam thing — speeches, thanks, soaking in reactions, and striking killer poses for the paparazzi. The star-studded event took place at the AMC Theaters at The Grove in Los Angeles, California, drawing various notable figures including Adam Sandler.

Swift took time to connect with fans, lending an ear to their stories, and reciprocating with genuine gratitude. The internet got flooded with videos capturing these heartfelt moments from the premiere. The singer gave a heartfelt speech before the show. “This is a core memory for me,” she shared on stage. “Let me just preface by saying I’ve always had fun doing this. I can’t believe music is my career. That’s crazy to me. I’ve always loved it.”

Beyoncé Joins Taylor Swift at Eras Tour Movie Premiere

The night was made even more special by the presence of music legend Beyoncé. In a post on Instagram later in the evening, Swift shared a video of the two of them sharing popcorn in a movie theater. In Swift’s message, she expressed her deep gratitude for Beyoncé’s influence on her own career. The moment the two of them shared the stage together at the premiere seemed like a dream come true.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie Ticket Sales Break Record

The record-breaking advance ticket sales have already made the Eras Tour the most-anticipated music event of the year, according to Vue International. It has already broken the record of BTS’ Permission to Dance film, which sold the most tickets in its opening week. However, the movie’s success isn’t limited to ticket sales. According to US cinephiles, The Swift movie set a new single-day record for most profitable concert movie in history, just one week prior to its release. As of Friday, global advance ticket sales have exceeded $100 million.

The Theatrical Release at AMC

Taylor Swift has partnered with AMC Theaters for the exclusive theatrical release of The Eras Tour concert movie. The movie won’t be available for online streaming on the initial release date of October 13. For those looking forward to the theater experience, this promises to be an unforgettable opportunity to relive the magic of Swift’s live performances on the big screen. However, for those who prefer a cozier setting and the ability to rewind and re-watch their favorite songs, the idea of streaming the movie is equally exciting.

It’s important to note that showtimes for The Eras Tour movie are currently only available on weekends, with no screenings scheduled from Monday to Thursday. Listings extend until the weekend of Friday, November 3, leading us to assume that the online streaming availability might commence after Sunday, November 5, at the earliest. This timing may coincide with Swift’s Eras Tour shows in Brazil between November 17 and November 19, where she could potentially make an announcement about the streaming release.

Extended Theatrical Run

The movie is projected to be a box office hit, which hints at the possibility of an extended run in theaters beyond early November. Given this, it’s increasingly likely that Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour won’t be available for online streaming until sometime in 2024. One potential scenario could see its online release aligning with her tour dates in Japan, which are scheduled for early February.

Where Will It Stream?

One of the most asked questions surrounding The Eras Tour movie is which streaming service will host it. Taylor Swift’s unconventional decision to bypass major studios and partner directly with AMC for distribution makes this a challenging question to answer. When the time comes for the movie to make its streaming debut, a fierce bidding war among streaming services is expected.

Swift’s history with various streaming platforms further complicates the prediction. Her 1989 World Tour movie was initially released exclusively on Apple Music. However, it’s worth noting that Apple TV+ hadn’t launched at that time. Her Reputation Tour movie found a home on Netflix, and Disney+ hosted “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions,” offering insight into the creation of her Grammy award-winning album.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Trailer

Swift teases the movie a month ago!

Who’s Making The Eras Tour Concert Movie?

The maestro behind the concertmovie is Sam Wrench, a director well-versed in collaborating with megastar musicians. Wrench’s impressive portfolio boasts credits such as Billie Eilish Live at the O2, Brandi Carlile: In The Canyon, and BTS: Permission To Dance on Stage. His creative touch has extended to collaborations with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Blur, Ariana Grande, and Mumford & Sons.

What’s Next?

As we anxiously wait for the movie to drop on streaming services, the entertainment world is about to enter a whole new era. Swift’s unique way of distributing her music is a sign of how the industry is changing, with artists now having more control over how their music is presented. Her history with different streaming services shows how the relationship between them is changing, and Swift is setting the tone for other artists to come up with new ways to get their music out there. For Swift fans, the wait is over! We can’t wait to see the amazing journey of Taylor Swift from humble beginnings to world-renowned pop star through the movie

As Taylor Swift continues to make her mark in the music and entertainment world, the future looks great for her and her fans. The Eras Tour will be a huge part of her journey, and we can’t wait for it to be released! Keep an eye out for more info as it comes out!



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