Beyoncé’s Renaissance Visual Album Shot in Secret; Currently Being Shopped to Studios


Beyoncé and her Parkwood Entertainment label are submitting a new Renaissance visual album to studios and streaming services.

Above The Line reports that movie is directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, a British artist, photographer, and emerging filmmaker. She has experience in shooting many magazine covers and music videos, collaborating with artists like Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky, Katy Perry, and Kali Uchis, as well as with popular brands such as Adidas, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Valentino.

According to sources, Renaissance is “artsy” and in line with Beyoncé’s previous visual albums Lemonade and Black Is King, but also “weirder,” since it hasn’t been Disney-fied like the latter, which earned an Emmy for its stunning costumes.

A source said, “It’s a visual album movie, but it’s like an art film, and I’ve also heard it’s better than Black Is King.”

Beyoncé played a role in directing her debut visual album, Lemonade, which started streaming on her husband Jay-Z’s Tidal platform in April 2016. The album later premiered on HBO and received four Emmy nominations. Following that, she took on the roles of writer, director, and executive producer for her subsequent visual album, Black Is King, which made its debut on Disney+ on July 31, 2020.



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