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Travis Kelce, the shining star of the NFL and Pro Bowl tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, isn’t just making waves on the football field. Back in 2016, he took a detour into the world of reality TV with his own dating show on E!, aptly named Catching Kelce. Now, let’s not sugarcoat it – the show didn’t exactly light up the ratings chart. In fact, it fizzled out after just one season, leaving some scratching their heads. But here’s the juicy twist that’s got Swifties buzzing like bees in a flower field: romance between Kelce and none other than the pop sensation herself, Taylor Swift. While Travis Kelce TV show might have been a bit of a dud, it seems he might have found a different kind of spark in his life.

Calling all Swifties and curious minds! I took one for the team and binged all 10 episodes of Travis Kelce’s Catching Kelce so you don’t have to. Get ready for the lowdown on the contestants and the drama.

The Contestants

Catching Kelce featured 50 women from all over the country competing for Kelce’s heart. The contestants were a diverse group, ranging in age from 21 to 32. There were models, actresses, athletes, and even a few rocket scientists. But one thing all of the contestants had in common was their love of Travis Kelce.

The Drama

Of course, no reality dating show would be complete without some drama. And Catching Kelce was no exception. There was backstabbing, tears, and even one physical altercation. But through it all, Kelce remained positive and upbeat. He was determined to find his perfect match, and he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way.

Who Won Kelce’s Heart In End?

In the end, Kelce chose Maya Benberry as the winner of Catching Kelce. Benberry was a 26-year-old model from Los Angeles. She was smart, funny, and beautiful, and Kelce was clearly smitten with her. But the relationship didn’t last long. After the show ended, Benberry accused Kelce of cheating on her. He denied the allegations, but the damage was done.

What We Learned

So what did we learn from Catching Kelce? Well, for one thing, we learned that Kelce is a pretty good guy. He’s funny, charming, and he seems to have a good heart. We also learned that reality dating shows are not always what they seem. The drama is often over-the-top, and the relationships rarely last.

But perhaps the most important lesson we learned from Catching Kelce is that it’s better to be yourself than to try to be someone you’re not. Kelce was drawn to Benberry because she was genuine and authentic. And in the end, that’s what matters most.

Did the Reality TV Impact Travis Kelce’s Career?

Well sort of. Catching Kelce had a significant impact on Kelce’s career. The show helped to make him a household name, and it also helped to increase his popularity among fans. However, the show also had some negative consequences for Kelce. His relationship with Maya Benberry ended after the show, and he was accused of cheating on her. This scandal tarnished his reputation somewhat.

Despite the negative publicity, Catching Kelce ultimately helped to boost Kelce’s career. He is now one of the most popular and successful players in the NFL. When Kelce hosted Saturday Night Live in March 2023, he clearly remembered his time on the show.

“It was kind of like The Bachelor, except instead of roses I handed out footballs,” he began in his monologue. “And instead of watching, people did not. It was a little embarrassing, but I got really good at reality TV.”

Travis Kelce TV Show

Is there a Catching Kelce season 2?

Catching Kelce was not renewed for a second season. NBC did not provide a reason for the show’s cancellation; nonetheless, Kelce has been open about his experiences on the show after its end.

“It was extremely awkward because I really didn’t have much to say about what we were doing on the show,” Kelce said on Shots Podcast Network. “At the end of the day, I don’t think I got portrayed as myself. There were a lot of things that just made me uncomfortable about the show that I don’t necessarily really want to talk about because I don’t want to say anything about the ladies… but I was asked to do more than I wanted to and that doesn’t always work out great.”

Where to Watch Catching Kelce?

The first seven episodes of Travis Kelce TV Show are now available to watch on Peacock. It may also be purchased through Amazon Prime Video.

Ending Notes

Travis Kelce TV show Catching Kelce was a unique and groundbreaking reality dating show. It helped to make Travis Kelce a household name, and it also had a significant impact on the genre of reality dating shows. The show’s popularity has also helped to make professional athletes even more popular.

Whether you’re a fan of Travis Kelce or not, Catching Kelce is a must-watch for anyone who is interested in reality dating shows or popular culture. It’s a fun and entertaining show with a lot to offer.



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