The Evolution of Video Game Critique: Yahtzee And Others Exit from ‘Zero Punctuation’


In a surprising turn of events, Ben Croshaw, known as Yahtzee, the star behind the long-running video game review series “Zero Punctuation,” has decided to part ways with the show after an impressive 16-year run. Yahtzee, renowned for his fast-paced and often blunt opinions on the latest video games, delivered his weekly critiques with the help of crude animated characters on gaming platform The Escapist.

This decision comes in the wake of the dismissal of The Escapist’s editor-in-chief, Nick Calandra, which prompted Yahtzee and several of his colleagues to exit the platform. Although Yahtzee stated that he wouldn’t be taking the “Zero Punctuation” name with him, he assured his dedicated fanbase that they would soon hear his voice in a new venture.

“Zero Punctuation,” introduced in 2007, quickly became a favorite feature on The Escapist, consistently outperforming other content on the platform’s YouTube channel. Yahtzee’s style was marked by politically incorrect humor and unfiltered criticisms of games that had received acclaim from other gaming sites. While some critics accused him of being intentionally controversial, many fans appreciated his no-holds-barred approach to game reviews.

Notably, Yahtzee faced backlash for his views on specific titles, particularly “The Last of Us: Part 2” and “Super Smash Bros Brawl.”

Yahtzee’s departure from The Escapist followed Nick Calandra’s firing, who revealed that his termination was due to not meeting unspecified goals set by the platform’s parent company, Gamurs. This unexpected exit led to the departure of several of Yahtzee’s colleagues, primarily from The Escapist’s video team.

Fans, in response to Yahtzee’s announcement, expressed their gratitude for his contributions to The Escapist, acknowledging his significant role in the platform’s success.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding The Escapist’s future, Nick Calandra and his team hinted at an upcoming project, leaving many to wonder what their next venture will entail.

This departure raises questions about the fate of “Zero Punctuation” without its iconic host, but fans of Yahtzee eagerly await his next move in the world of video game critiques. The video game industry has seen its share of challenges, and this recent development underscores the complexities of the field. As Yahtzee and his colleagues embark on a new journey, the gaming community eagerly anticipates their future endeavors.



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