BTS Jungkook on Jimmy Fallon Show Turns Shy Over Sleeping Picture

jungkook on jimmy fallon

BTS’ youngest member, Jungkook made a special appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show to promote his upcoming solo album Golden.

During the episode, Jungkook engaged with ARMYs (BTS fans) and responded to various questions posed by Fallon. As the conversation touched upon their interactions and activities, Fallon brought up BTS’ live streams on Weverse, which which caused Jungkook to feel a bit embarrassed.

Fallon surprises the audience by displaying a picture of Jungkook peacefully sleeping during a livestream. Jimmy found it amusing, and Jungkook, in response, almost buried his blushing cheeks in his hands. However, Jimmy continued, revealing that about 6 million viewers had tuned in to watch him slumber.

However, the popstar proudly mentioned that the ARMY appreciated it, but he admitted that it was genuinely embarrassing. He also shared that the moment was unexpected and not pre-planned.

Discussing his album, Jungkook unveiled that the album title, Golden holds a unique significance for him. It’s derived from his nickname, ‘Golden Maknae,’ which was bestowed upon him by RM. The album’s central theme is centered around love, which he views as a universal and versatile experience, and he aimed to exemplify this diversity through the songs.



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