Lili Reinhart Reflects Over Absurdity of Riverdale Storylines


Riverdale star Lili Reinhart opens up about being “the butt of a joke” amongst the TV watchers.

Riverdale, despite its campiness, was a dark take on Archie Comics. Many social media users have taken pictures of the show’s scenes and uploaded them online, and according to Reinhart, it’s not always enjoyable to read what people are saying about it.

The actress spoke to Vulture, ahead of the drama’s last-ever episode this month, “I think it’s important to acknowledge that our show is made fun of a lot. People see clips taken out of context and are like: ‘What? I thought this was about teenagers.’ And we thought so as well — in season 1.”

She added, “It’s really not been easy to feel that you’re the butt of a joke. We all want to be actors; we’re passionate about what we do. So when the absurdity of our show became a talking point, it was difficult.”

Riverdale‘s fans admits that the show’s plotlines became increasingly bizarre over the course of seven seasons, with sorceresses and deadly cults. “It is ‘What the f**k?’. That’s the whole point,” added Reinhart. “When we’re doing our table reads and something ridiculous happens, [showrunner] Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa] is laughing because he understands the absurdity and the campiness.”

Riverdales last episode will air on The CW on August 23.



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