Jennifer Lee Describes Tiana Series as ‘Whole New World for Her’


Disney announced Princess and the Frog spinoff, Tiana series centering around Tiana’s new adventures as Princess of Maldonia.

Jennifer Lee, the creative chief of Walt Disney Animation Studios talks about the upcoming series with E.Cartelera. She appreciates that Disney+ allows her to introduce experimentation and freshness while also exploring the company’s legacy. “In that sense we can play more with the Disney+ series. We’re doing the Moana series and it’s been a lot of fun, I love it. Tiana is a new world for her, a new direction and a new voice.”

She also talked about maintaining balance between the original content and sequels. “Technology has allowed us to maintain the importance of traditional animation through the artists is what excites me the most. There is a balance between the sequels and the original content.” Lee also reveals that “there are more Frozen and more Zootopia on the way because they invite their stories to grow, the filmmakers want to expand them.”

The release date for Tiana series, which was originally set for 2023 but was then pushed back to 2024, is currently uncertain. It might arrive sooner or later than expected, but it is most likely delayed.



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