Eric Kripke Has More Ideas for ‘The Boys’ Universe


Vernon Sanders, an Amazon Prime Video executive, discusses whether more The Boys spinoffs may follow Gen V, which begins on September 29.

The series will have appearances by various major show stars and will chronicle the gruesome occurrences at Vought’s supe academy. In addition, the series will set up Season 4 of The Boys, which has been chronicling a group of vigilantes’ efforts to battle the corruption of superheroes who work for Vought. With The Boys Presents: Diabolical providing a different path for the brand in addition to Gen V, the potential for further spinoffs becomes obvious.

In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Sanders from Amazon and MGM Studios revealed that showrunner Eric Kripke holds the reins for The Boys future, including spinoffs. Kripke’s plan will likely emerge post The Boys Season 4 and Gen V.

Sanders said, “Eric [Kripke] has had a vision for what this all leads to for years now, and we’ve been in an ongoing conversation about what comes next. So, it’s probably premature to talk about that beyond saying we believe in Eric, and if Eric is interested in continuing the story, we’ll be the first ones in line to really work with him on what that is.”

eric kripke has more ideas for the boys universe

Referring to executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, he said, “I think Seth and Evan and Eric are genuinely interested in it. I think we’ve been probably the ones who’ve been wanting to be careful not to over expose. So, once we committed to Gen V, we really wanted that to be the next thing out. And once we have it out and get a chance to see how everyone’s reacting to it, we can start talking about, like I said, what comes next.”

The Boys has two more seasons in the works, and Gen V could get more, so the franchise would have new content to release for a long time.



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