First Look at What If…? Season 3 Has Been Revealed

what if season 3

The first look at Marvel‘s What If…? Season 3 has been unveiled.

As the animated anthology series approaches the finale of its second season, preparations are underway for the development of a third season. Marvel has released a teaser trailer for What If…? Season 3 just before the Season 2 finale.

In the first clip, viewers see Bucky Barnes, Red Guardian, Ranger Morales, and Bill Foster. Although Marvel has not officially disclosed the episode’s title, the footage offers a preview of how the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s history will undergo changes.

Director Bryan Andrews teased the third season in conversation with Deadline, “We take it up a notch in Season 2 and then in Season 3 we just go even wackier. In Season 2, we have different characters that we haven’t really got a chance to play with before and we see how they’ll integrate with some of the favorites that come back. There’s lots of really cool stuff and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

The What If…? Season 2 finale will center around Strange Supreme. Earlier in the season, a new MCU superhero named Kahhori was introduced and quickly became a fan favorite. Other episodes have featured fantasy narratives such as Nebula joining the Nova Corps, Happy Hogan’s Christmas-saving adventure, and Hela’s discovery of the Ten Rings.

Fans have expressed great enjoyment of the season so far, as evidenced by What If…? achieving the highest Rotten Tomatoes score among all MCU releases this year, spanning both film and television.



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