Fallout TV Series Reveals First Look at The Ghoul and The Brotherhood of Steel


The first look of the upcoming Fallout TV series, adapted from the popular game, have been unveiled. The images showcase notable actors such as Ella Purnell, Kyle MacLachlan, Walton Goggins, and Aaron Moten.

Having debuted its inaugural game in 1997, the Fallout franchise has evolved into one of the most renowned gaming series. Transporting players into various post-nuclear apocalypse scenarios, the games unfold in the remnants of once-vibrant cities such as Boston, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas. The upcoming Fallout TV series, however, will be situated in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

In the post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, the Fallout TV series will weave an original story inspired by the games. Taking place in the year 2077, the story centers around Lucy, a young woman confined to an underground vault. Forced to emerge above ground for a rescue mission, she confronts a science-fiction nightmare filled with colossal insects and mutant creatures. Notably, the series’ plot will be incorporated into the canon of the game universe.

“A lot of pitches were, you know, ‘This is the movie of Fallout 3’ I was like, ‘Yeah, we told that story.’ I don’t have a lot of interest seeing those translated,” Todd Howard explained to Vanity Fair.

Fallout is set for its season premiere on April 12, 2024 on Prime Video.



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