Critical Negotiations: Hollywood Studios Offer Proposal to End SAG-AFTRA Strike


Major Hollywood studios are set to offer a proposal to SAG-AFTRA on Friday in an effort to end the ongoing 113-day actors’ strike. The studios had warned that if an agreement wasn’t reached by the week’s end, it could lead to the cancellation of TV shows and delays in summer theatrical releases in 2024.

Negotiations may extend into the weekend if progress is close. Union President Fran Drescher expressed hope for a positive response from the studios. As of now, it’s uncertain if the studios’ counteroffer will be their final one, but the union could refuse it since they’re already on strike.

SAG-AFTRA has been awaiting a response to their counteroffer made last Saturday, and they’ve also presented their proposals on artificial intelligence, an important issue for actors.

The negotiation includes various other issues that will be addressed in SAG-AFTRA’s counterproposal on Saturday. The outcome of these talks will significantly impact the entertainment industry and actors’ working conditions.



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