Will Smith Confirms ‘I Am Legend 2’ With Michael B. Jordan

i am legend

Will Smith has officially announced that he is creating a sequel to his 2007 sci-fi film, I Am Legend with Michael B. Jordan.

Speaking at an in-conversation session at Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, Smith says, “I have a call with Michael B. Jordan tomorrow. The script just came in.”

Smith revealed that although his character, Robert Neville, meets his demise at the conclusion of the film, there’s an alternative ending in the DVD extras where the character survives. The sequel will unfold within the context of that particular storyline.

”We’re going with the mythology of the DVD version where my character lived. I can’t tell you any more but Michael B. Jordan is in and we’re doing it.”

In late 2007, Warner Bros released I Am Legend, directed by Francis Lawrence, which grossed a worldwide total of $585 million, including $256 million in North America.

The announcement of the sequel came earlier this year from Akiva Goldsman, the writer and producer of the original film. Goldsman revealed the news upon signing a multi-year deal with Warner Bros, marking his return to the studio.



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