Amazon Snubs Jake Gyllenhaal’s Road House Theatrical Release

road house

After Amazon Studios refused the theatrical release for upcoming Road House, Jake Gyllenhaal and renowned director Doug Liman reportedly took matters into their own hands.

According to Matthew Belloni, Gyllenhaal and Liman were said to be discontent with the decision to forgo a traditional theatrical release, and they hoped that a private screening for the Amazon founder would change the fate of their film. They hosted an exclusive screening of Road House remake on Jeff Bezos’ luxurious yacht.

Sources close to the situation reveal that Gyllenhaal and Liman spared no expense in organizing the event, aiming to impress Bezos with the cinematic grandeur of their project.

The film is still going to streaming on Prime Video.

The first Road House movie came out in 1989, and it’s famous for being a cool mix of martial arts and bar fights. Patrick Swayze played a calm bouncer with a mysterious background, and his job was to fix up a really rowdy bar in Missouri. At first, people had different opinions about the movie, but over time, it became a cult favorite. People love it for its action scenes and memorable lines. Even though it didn’t get all great reviews at first, it now has a big fan following, and you can see its influence in jokes, mentions in other shows and movies, and a group of dedicated fans who really like it.

Not much is known about the Road House remake yet. What we do know is that the new Dalton, the main character, used to be a UFC middleweight fighter and ends up working at a roundhouse in the Florida Keys. We don’t have many details about the cast’s roles or other specifics, but it seems like, aside from the UFC part, the new movie will be quite similar to the original.



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