Marvel Studios/Disney Has Parted Ways With Jonathan Majors

jonathan majors fired kang

Marvel Studios has parted ways with Jonathan Majors — the actor cast to play Kang, the central antagonist in the Multiverse Saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — after he was convicted of two misdemeanor counts of harassment and assault.

The verdict was delivered at the end of a two-week trial that ensued after Majors’ arrest in March. The arrest stemmed from an altercation with his ex-partner, Grace Jabbari.

Marvel initially intended for Majors to become the next supervillain in the franchise, but the company is now altering its direction. It remains uncertain whether Disney will choose to recast Kang or make more significant changes to the planned storylines. Majors had already featured in both seasons of Loki and in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Additionally, he was slated to play a prominent role in one of the upcoming Avengers movies, titled The Kang Dynasty. However, Marvel is considering shifting its focus to a different villain, and The Kang Dynasty is now being referred to as Avengers 5.

Following his arrest, Majors was released by Entertainment 360, his management agency, and The Lede Company, his publicity firm. Disney opted to wait until the conclusion of his trial before parting ways with him.



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