Lucasfilm Faces Lawsuit Over Indiana Jones 5


A prop used in Indiana Jones and Dial of Destiny has landed Lucasfilm in trouble, with a complaint charging the company of trademark infringement.

Lucasfilm is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with rival clothing companies over alleged copyright infringement issues. The lawsuit, brought forward by Frost River, accuses Lucasfilm of unauthorized use of their Geologist Pack knapsacks in one of their movies.

According to the lawsuit, Lucasfilm not only used the backpack without permission but also removed any identifying marks, which is said to be in violation of trademark laws. Additionally, Frost River claims that the studio permitted their competitor, Filson, to run joint advertisements that suggested the bags in question were being sold under the Filson label.

The situation has resulted in a complex legal battle surrounding intellectual property rights and trademark infringements.

indiana jones 5

In Indiana Jones 5, Ford embarks on a thrilling quest. This time, the renowned archaeologist sets out on a daring expedition to find the lost half of the Antikythera mechanism — an ancient and valuable treasure attributed to the ingenious mathematician, Archimedes.

Indiana Jones 5 was anticipated to be a successful farewell to the beloved character, drawing both emotional resonance and financial success. However, Lucasfilm is currently facing the challenge of disappointment due to the movie’s lackluster financial performance, along with the added burden of the ongoing legal dispute.

Despite these obstacles, it is hoped that the studio will find a resolution that satisfies all parties involved and allows the fandom to once again revel in the celebration of Ford’s remarkable portrayal of one of cinema’s most iconic action heroes.



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