Hayley Atwell Was Frustrated With Her Cameo in Doctor Strange 2

hayley atwell

Hayley Atwell says her cameo as Captain Carter in Doctor Strange 2 was disappointing and frustrating for her.

Atwell, well known for her role as Peggy Carter in the MCU, recently expressed her displeasure with her character’s position in Marvel’s movie Doctor Strange and Multiverse of Madness. Atwell acknowledged her frustration in an interview with EW, stating, “It felt like a frustrating moment in Strange.”

In the film, she addressed Peggy’s fate. Scarlet Witch swiftly killed her character and the rest of the Illuminati. She further discussed about Doctor Strange 2, on podcast Happy Sad Confused, “That wasn’t my choice! When she was like, ‘I could do this all day’ and then followed by she’s immediately cut in half by a frisbee… That doesn’t really serve Peggy very well.”

hayley atwell

She also said that she enjoyed her time voicing the role for the What If…? series. “I felt like I had much more to do in the What If…? animation series… you’re focused on the voice as the instrument and your main performative tool.”

When asked about her future in the MCU, Atwell said, “It was great to see her in that outfit, seemingly taking a more active role. But it was a very underwhelming moment.” Atwell, like her admirers, appears to be hoping for larger parts in her future projects.



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