Director Shawn Levy Shares Excitement and Surprising Cameos for ‘Deadpool 3’


Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy recently shared his excitement about the ease of securing some surprising cameo appearances in the upcoming film, which marks Ryan Reynolds’ entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Levy, in a chat with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, credited the immense popularity of Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds as key factors in attracting notable actors to join the project. He also emphasized the unique creative partnership between himself and Reynolds as a driving force behind the film’s casting success.

Levy mentioned that casting rumors have been abundant, creating a buzz among fans, and while he didn’t confirm all of them, he did hint at some of the rumors holding truth. The director seems to enjoy the mystery surrounding the cast, as it allows for speculation and excitement among fans.

One confirmed highlight of Deadpool 3 is the team-up of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, with Reynolds reprising his role as Deadpool and Jackman making his MCU debut as Wolverine. Fans have long-awaited this dynamic duo on the big screen, and Levy teased that their on-screen chemistry is living up to expectations.

“I love the proliferation of casting rumors on the internet, because I never have to say what’s real and what’s fantasy, so I’m just going to go with the very cliche ‘no comment’ on all things casting [with] Deadpool 3,” Levy mused durign The Jess Cagle Show. “I will say, we’re lucky on this one. There’s certainly — is this an answer? A lot of the internet rumors are completely false, but some of them aren’t.”

Levy also discussed the temporary halt in production due to industry strikes, expressing the crew’s eagerness to resume work once a fair deal is reached. This pause in filming hasn’t diminished the excitement for what promises to be an exciting addition to the Marvel universe.

“Well, like the rest of our industry, or at least large swaths of it, we are paused. We were halfway through filming Deadpool, co-starring Wolverine. It was a joy every day, and that chemistry is, I have to say, spoiler alert, it is as relentlessly awesome as we had all hoped it would be,” Levy explained. “But we are halfway through filming, we shut down, our crew and the rest of us are awaiting a fair and equitable deal that ends these strikes and puts our industry and certainly inclusive of our movie back at work.”



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