Captain America 4 to Undergo Extensive Reshoots

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The Marvel Studios upcoming film Captain America 4 or Captain America: Brave New World will reshoot several major scenes before its release.

According to information from The Hot Mic’s Jeff Sneider, the fourth installment in the Captain America series, focusing on Sam Wilson, is set to undergo significant reshoots due to negative test scores. These reshoots are reportedly planned from January to May 2024. Additionally, it’s been mentioned that three “major” sequences from the original filming will be removed.

Originally scheduled for a July 26, 2024 release, Captain America: Brave New World has undergone a shift in Marvel’s release calendar following the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA strike. The film is now set to hit theaters on February 14, 2025.

Anthony Mackie takes on the lead role in the film as Sam Wilson. And as Captain America, inheriting the mantle from Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in the climactic events of Avengers: Endgame. Danny Ramirez and Carl Lumbly return to their roles from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the Disney+ series that delves into Mackie’s Wilson grappling with the legacy of Captain America. Seth Rollins is also set to appear in an unannounced role.

Notably, Tim Blake Nelson and Liv Tyler will reprise their roles from an almost forgotten MCU film – Nelson as Samuel “Leader” Sterns and Tyler as Betty Ross, the daughter of Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.

It’s worth noting that the character Thunderbolt Ross, previously portrayed by the late William Hurt, will now be brought to life on-screen by Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford.



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