Robert Eggers Says Bill Skarsgård is Completely Transformed in Nosferatu: ‘He’s Not There’


Bill Skarsgård has taken on iconic roles such as the IT clown and a formidable super-villain in John Wick, but his latest movie sees him delving into uncharted territory. The actor is set to explore new depths in his career by portraying the vampire at the heart of Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu.

In an interview with Empire, Eggers reveals that Skarsgård undergoes a transformative portrayal in his role as the scary blood-sucking entity. The actor’s performance draws inspiration from the interpretations of Max Schreck and Klaus Kinski, who brought the iconic character to life in F. W. Murnau’s 1922 film and Werner Herzog’s 1979 reimagining, respectively.

“I’ll say that Bill has so transformed, I’m fearful that he might not get the credit that he deserves because he’s just…he’s not there,” Eggers said. “He felt like honoring who had come before him. It’s all very subtle. But I think the main thing is that he’s even more a folk vampire.”

He continued, “In my opinion he looks like a dead Transylvanian nobleman, and in a way that we’ve never actually seen what an actual dead Transylvanian nobleman would look like and be dressed like.”

In Nosferatu, Lily-Rose Depp co-stars as Ellen Hutter, who finds herself hauntingly seduced by Bill Skarsgård’s Count Orlok. Nicholas Hoult takes on the role of Thomas Hutter, who valiantly fights to rescue his wife.

The movie will release in 2024.



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