Heidi Klum Halloween Costume: Transforms Herself into Giant Peacock

heidi klum halloween

If you’ve been keeping up with celebrity Halloween culture, then you know Heidi Klum Halloween costume is one thing to look out for. The model showed up as a peacock for her annual star-studded Halloween 2023 bash.

Over the years, the supermodel has gone above and beyond to ensure that her Halloween costumes are remembered by the public. Whether it was her whimsical portrayal of a worm in 2022 or her remarkable transformation into an army of her own clones in 2016, Klum has established a reputation for creating some of the most unforgettable and iconic Halloween looks.

For this year Klum’s peacock Halloween costume took six hours and ten Cirque Du Soleil artists to build. She told Entertainment Tonight, “Hair and makeup maybe took six hours, but really it was more in the planning, meeting with the artists, figuring out their costumes and makeup.”

She continued, “I was thinking a peacock because a peacock is kind of together with the feathers and then it opens up. And I wanted to make an art performance out of it.”

Clad in imitation feathers while walking the carpet outside the nightclub Marquee in Chelsea, Klum joined a troupe of performers to form a human pyramid. The acrobats executed mesmerizing twists, contortions, and aerial maneuvers, concealing Klum as she waited on the ground. Limbs rose to unveil colossal wings, and Klum navigated through a cluster of legs before taking center stage atop one of her fellow performers’ thighs. The finishing touch was a prosthetic beak adorning her face.

Her extravagant peacock headpiece, crafted by her long-standing collaborator, makeup artist Bill Corso, boasted intricate details. Nevertheless, this year’s costume relied less on prosthetic elements compared to previous Heidi Klum Halloween costume.



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