Everything We Know About Netflix Movie Fair Play

Netflix Movie Fair Play

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Fair Play is a Netflix Original Drama-Thriller movie directed and written by Chloe Domont, who is best known for her work on House of Cards. The film is set in the world of high-stakes corporate competition, where ambition, power, and romance collide in a never-ending dance of love. In this post, we will go over everything you should know about Fair Play.

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When Does it Release?

The film made its world premiere at Sundance in January of 2023. After an intense bidding battle, Netflix bagged distribution rights for an eye-watering $20m. The film will have its world premiere at TIFF (the 48th annual film festival) in September. It will then be available globally on Netflix from October 13. Fair Play received rave reviews from critics.

Theatrical Release

We’ve also learned that Fair Play will also be showing in limited theaters starting September 29, though the exact locations have yet to be announced. Stay tuned to your local theaters as more details become available.


Check out the trailer below to find out more about the world of Fair Play. The first official trailer shows us a steamy office relationship that turns into an intense rivalry. The second official trailer, released on September 26, provides a more in-depth look at the film’s romance, complications and conflicts.

What Is Fair Play About?

Set in New York City, Fair Play follows two people working at a hedge-fund firm who find themselves in a complicated love triangle. When one of them unexpectedly makes it to the top of the company, the equilibrium in their relationship is thrown off. Although office romances are often frowned upon, the film examines the issues that arise when it comes to shared finances.

Gender roles play an important part in the characters’ reactions to the promotion, particularly when it becomes apparent that one of the main characters, Emily, is moving up the corporate ladder while her partner, Luke, is moving down the corporate ladder. As the movie progresses into the realm of Wall Street, high finance, and the changing dynamics of power, themes of greed, ambition, and

While plot details remain a mystery, director Chloe Domont does not shy away from exploring historical gender inequities within certain occupations, leaving viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between ambition and respect in a professional relationship. Will Emily and Luke’s perfect love story be jeopardized by the fierce competition in the competitive world of finance, forcing them to reassess their priorities? While plot details remain mysterious, Fair Play promises to be an engrossing workplace drama that harks back to the days of Ides of March and Wall Street.

The Cast of ‘Fair Play’

The film features an all-star cast, including Phoebe Dyevanvor, who is best known for playing Daphne in Bridgerton, who portrays Emily’s fiancé, Alden (Luke) Ehrenreich. The actor is best known for his roles in Solo:A Star Wars Story and Hail, Caesar!, among others.

Recognized for Deadpool 2 and Ray Donovan, Eddie Marsan reprises his role as Campbell, likely their leader. The film’s other cast members include Sebastian de Souza and Rich Sommer, as well as Geraldine Somerville and Patrick Fitzgerald, who add depth to the film’s characters.

Production Team

Directed by Chloe Domont, co-written by Rian Johnson, and co-produced by Ram Bergman (knives out, glass onion) and Tim White (trevor white, leopold hughes, ben leclair, and allan mandelbaum), Fair Play is a movie to remember.

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride as Fair Play explores the complex relationship between love, power and ambition in finance. With a star-studded cast and a top-notch production team, ‘Fair Play’ is sure to be an eye-opening and mind-blowing cinematic experience. Book your seats for October 13th!

Netflix original movie Fair Play is an important and timely film that delves into the complexities of modern relationships and work. It’s a must-watch for anyone who’s interested in these topics, and it’s sure to ignite conversation and discussion.



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