My Hero Academia: 7 Characters That Deserve More Screen Time

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In a series as enchanting as My Hero Academia, where the backdrop is a school teeming with unique superpowers, it’s easy to form deep attachments to certain characters, even those who may have started as background players. This enduring anime chronicle of young heroes honing their abilities for the greater good has garnered accolades from fans and critics alike for its diverse and captivating cast of characters.

While the core ensemble shines brightly, MHA occasionally sidelines some supporting characters, even prominent ones like Tenya Iida, in favor of repeatedly featuring the same faces. Here are some characters who truly deserve more time in the spotlight.

Emi Fukukado

As a teacher at a rival school to UA, Emi Fukukado remains shrouded in mystery, especially concerning her friendship with Aizawa, one of UA’s 1-A teachers. Their history, forged while working in close proximity due to their hero offices, hints at a mature narrative element in MHA. Emi playfully jokes about an intimate relationship between them, but her limited screen time leaves fans wondering if there’s more beneath the surface. Although the series has moved onto grander storylines, exploring Emi’s character could add depth to the narrative.

Inasa Yoarashi

Inasa Yoarashi, hailing from another school, makes a memorable impression during the Hero License Exams with his boisterous personality and formidable Quirk. His rivalry with Shoto Todoroki, stemming from Endeavor’s controversial hero activities, holds great dramatic potential. Unfortunately, Inasa fades into obscurity after their initial confrontation, rendering their budding friendship seemingly inconsequential.

Itsuka Kendo

Among 1-B’s standout members, Itsuka Kendo’s friendly demeanor and powers akin to the MCU’s Ms. Marvel make her a delightful character. Her amicable rivalry with Momo stands out as a highlight of the Training Arc. However, Kendo deserves more character development and screen time.

Kamui Woods

Kamui Woods, one of the early heroes introduced in the series, possesses a simple yet intriguing power. Despite his entertaining personality and consistent appearances, he remains underutilized when compared to other heroes like Mt. Lady, Best Jeanist, and Miruko. More screen time could enrich his character.

Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume, a support class member, plays a crucial role in aiding Deku with hero equipment. She has the potential to become a pivotal character in the series, but her presence diminishes as the story expands into a more epic scale. Maintaining her role as a confidant to Deku could offer a valuable perspective.

Mezo Shoji

Shoji’s enigmatic character, concealed face, bizarre Quirk, and reserved yet respectful personality pique curiosity. Despite hints from the creator, Kohei Horikoshi, about Shoji’s backstory, little has been revealed so far. His character could carry an entire arc, akin to Kirishima’s backstory, yet remains unexplored.

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido’s vivacious personality and unique appearance have made her a fan favorite. She effortlessly connects with various cast members, but her limited screen time often relegates her to comic relief. Her intriguing history with Kirishima could be an exciting avenue for exploration, potentially adding depth to their relationship.

In a world filled with countless heroes and intriguing abilities, My Hero Academia has the opportunity to further enrich its narrative by giving these characters the screen time they deserve. As fans eagerly await the evolution of this dynamic series, there’s hope that these characters will step into the limelight and contribute to the ever-expanding world of heroes and villains.



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