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It’s been almost a decade since Initial D revved up our screens, and motorsports anime practically went into hiding. But this season Crunchyroll takes the wheel and brings us a turbocharged racing anime that’s bound to make new fans buckle up for the ride. With the racing genre in the shadows lately, passing up on MF Ghost anime would be like missing the last lap of a race. It’s the perfect moment to dive into the world of racing anime and feel the animated allure of cars.

In a futuristic world where self-driving electric cars reign supreme, enter the 2023 Japanese anime MF Ghost. Adapted from Shuichi Shigeno’s manga, the story unfolds in the world of ‘MFG,’ a renowned Japanese racing event spotlighting drivers tearing up the track in old-school, internal-combustion beasts. Our main speedster is 19-year-old Kanata Katagiri, a Japanese-British rookie revving up the MFG qualifiers to carve out his name in the racing realm.

MF Ghost anime

MF Ghost Connects to Initial D

Fast forward about four years after the curtain fell on Initial D‘s manga, we got MF Ghost anime cruising onto the scene. It’s a futuristic tale, set in the late 2020s, where self-driving electric cars rule the roads in Japan. But wait, the roar of combustion engines hasn’t died out entirely; it’s alive and kicking in the underground street racing world. Leading this charge is the MFG, with none other than Ryosuke Takahashi from Initial D at the helm. And the legacy doesn’t stop there – Takumi Fujiwara from the original series trained our new hero, Kanata Rivington, at a racing school in the UK.

Here’s the twist – MF Ghost anime flips the script by making its racing events completely legal, unlike the underground drift races of Initial D. And to keep things Japanese and spicy, Kanata rocks a Toyota 86, going head-to-head with some powerful European rivals. But hold on, his main mission isn’t just racing; he’s in Japan on a quest to find his long-lost father.

MF Ghost anime

Will MF Ghost Reach the Same Height As Initial D?

In the world of anime racing, we’ve seen Initial D set high standards. But what about its successor, MF Ghost? Can it conquer the asphalt and the hearts of fans just like its predecessor?

We’ve got a mix of old-school and modern flavors. Sure, street racing isn’t as heating as it once was, and Fast & Furious brought the heat. But, the new anime is just starting to rev up its engine. Initial D might be like a vintage classic, loved by those who’ve been there from the start. But who says MF Ghost can’t pull a slick drift into the mainstream? With fresh pacing and epic tunes, it might just find its own lane. Sure, the races are legal this time, but that’s a new twist to keep things exciting.

So, don’t count MF Ghost out just yet. It’s got the potential to ignite the same fiery passion as its legendary predecessor.



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