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The film RRR is a fictional narrative that tells the story of two freedom fighters, Anuradhana Raju and Kamaram Bheem, who joined forces to combat the British during their reign in India. After a tribal girl is kidnapped by the British, Bheem sets out to avenge the incident. Below are the top 10 best movies like RRR.

Raju is sent to intercept Bheem, but their interaction leads to a shift in their plans as Raju begins to become sympathetic to Bheem. If you enjoyed RRR, there are many other similarly epic Indian films to watch. With more than 2,000 Indian films released annually, there are many more to choose from to fill the void of wanting more.



The narrative of Lagaan takes place during the most prosperous period of British colonial rule in India, following a group of farmers who are struggling to survive in the face of a prolonged period of drought and taxation.

After satirizing a team of British officers for their infantile cricket, the villagers come to an agreement with the British officers: if the Indian farmers triumph, no taxation will be imposed for the following two years. However, if they are defeated, the British officers will impose a threefold tax, thus significantly increasing the intensity of the match.



Baahubali is a South Indian epic movie based on Indian mythology, and it’s directed by the same director as RRR. When Baahubali was a baby, he was saved from harm after his mom said a prayer to Lord Shiva before she passed away.

He was adopted by a tribe and given the name Shivudu because he had superpowers. As he grew older, he noticed Avantika, who was a rebellious young woman, and he decided to join her in her fight against the evil king.

K.G.F: Chapter 1


The series is set in the 1970s, during a period when the West was struggling to cope with the economic fallout from the Cold War. At the same time, India was facing the challenge of wealthy and powerful individuals attempting to take control of the gold mines in the Kolar gold fields.

The protagonist of the series is Rocky, a humble individual who gradually rises to a position of honor as a mercenary. In order to maintain his position, he must comply with the demands of his mafia master and assassinate the rightful heir to the KGF in order to secure the gold mines for himself.

Sardar Udham


The story of Sardar Udham Singh, an Indian freedom fighter who was inspired to take action after the brutal massacre of innocent people in the Indian city of Jaipur during the British Raj.

After the massacre, Udham tracks down those responsible for the massacre and travels to London. The story follows Udham as he joins forces with the Indian Resistance in Jaipur and gradually gets closer to Michael O’Dwyer who was responsible for the massacre.

Ponniyin Selvan: I


This narrative drama follows the Chola Dynasty in South India during the prosperous period of their reign. Prince Aditha of Karikala and Prince Ponniyin of Selvan are occupied with the expansion of their kingdom.

However, rumors of a plot to install their uncle, Madurantaka, on the throne arise, and Aditha is forced to act quickly with the assistance of his brother, sister, and friend, Prince Vallavarajan Vandiyadevan, in order to prevent the betrayal.

Jodhaa Akbar


The story of the love between the Hindu Raja, Bharmal, and the Mughal emperor, Akbar, is an epic love story. Bharmal betrays his daughter Jodha to Akbar in order to form a diplomatic alliance.

But Jodha, who loves Ratan Singh, does everything in her power to get the marriage of Jodha and Akbar annulled. On the other hand, Akbar is consumed with intrigues and betrayal in his court, leaving him with little time to court his queen.



Jai & Veeru is a 1975 Western film about two petty thieves who join forces with inspector Thakur after Thakur grudgingly requests their help in capturing Gabbar Singh, a dacoit.

After offering them a reward of Rs 50,000, Thakur also promises them more money which convinces them to go to the village where Gabbar is terrorizing. Along the way, Jai falls in love with Basanti & Radha, while an incident involving Thakur forces them to take their mission seriously.



The narrative of the film takes place in the present day of India, where there is still a tradition of royalty and kingdoms. The story follows the exploits of an elderly royal guard, known as the “Eklavya”, who is tasked with safeguarding the royal family from the forces of evil.

However, the unexpected return of the prince, known as “Harshwardhan”, begins a series of events that will eventually reveal the secrets of the royal family. Additionally, the brother of the king, known as “Jyoti”, attempts to seize control of the kingdom.



If you are looking for a romantic novel, Devdas is the perfect choice. Set in the early 1900s in Bengal, the story follows Devdas, who returns from London after studying to marry Paro.

However, their marriage is put on hold when Devdas’s family disapproves of their union. Devdas then finds himself in a romantic relationship with Chandramukhi, who is also Paro’s friend, while at the same time, he becomes an alcoholic.



This new story, Raajneeti, is based on the Indian Mahabharata, but it takes place in the present day. It’s about a group of people called the Rashtrawadi, who are led by a guy named Bhanu. After he had a stroke, Bhanu’s brother Chandra took over, but his son Prithvi started to take control.

This made Veerendra and Prithvi’s cousin and Veerendra’s son Veerendra mad, and Chandra made it even worse by trying to get rid of Veerendra. Then Prithvi’s younger brother, Samar, came back from the US and wanted revenge, so Veerendra killed Chandra in a fit of rage.

Wrapping it up!

The narrative of “Rafta Raja” is a captivating and imaginative account of the courageous efforts of Anuradhana Rama Rao and Kamaram Bheem in resisting British rule in colonial India. The film serves as a testament to the bravery, determination, and sacrifice of these two individuals. If you have been captivated by “RRR” and are looking for more Indian cinema, there is a wide selection of films to choose from.



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