Most Memorable Lance Reddick Movies And TV Shows

lance reddick movies and tv shows

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Earlier this year, Hollywood mourned the loss of Lance Reddick, a versatile actor whose incredible talent has left an indelible mark on film and television. At the age of 60, Reddick left us with an impressive body of work that will continue to captivate us. Throughout his career, Reddick consistently delivered exceptional performances, earning a reputation as one of the most dependable character actors. He was frequently cast in roles that required portraying lawmen and soldiers, showcasing his remarkable ability to infuse each character with nuance and gravitas.

From his portrayal of the Senior Agent-in-Charge in the mind-bending series Fringe to his role as the impeccable concierge in the action-packed John Wick franchise, Reddick displayed his remarkable range as an actor. Let’s go down in the memory lane and see most unforgettable Lance Reddick movies and TV shows.

Corporate (2018 – 2020)

Lance Reddick Movies And TV Shows

In Comedy Central’s Corporate, Lance Reddick plays Christian Deville, the ruthless CEO of a corporate giant. Reddick’s charisma shines as he portrays a character who values peak job performance above all else. Reddick’s inherent charisma perfectly suits Deville’s commanding presence in the boardroom. To prepare for the role, Reddick conducted extensive research on CEOs and famous sociopaths, drawing inspiration for his character, a megalomaniac who values peak job performance above all else. Deville doesn’t see himself as a villain; in his reality, every action is justified, making him a multi-dimensional character rather than a one-dimensional caricature.

Oz (1997-2003)

Lance Reddick Movies And TV Shows

Oz, a gripping American prison drama series created by Tom Fontana aired from July 12, 1997, to February 23, 2003, on HBO. The show was set in the harsh confines of the Oswald State Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in New York State.

The series delves into themes of brutality, corruption, and redemption, offering a gritty portrayal of the lives of both inmates and staff within the prison. Reddick made a notable appearance in Season 4 as he played the role of Johnny Basil, an undercover cop who infiltrates the prison as an inmate in an attempt to dismantle the drug trade operating within Oswald State Correctional Facility. Oz is streaming on HBO Max and Prime Video.

The Wire (2002-2008)

Lance Reddick Movies And TV Shows

HBO series The Wire is celebrated for its gritty realism, well-crafted characters, and unflinching exploration of Baltimore’s drug trade, law enforcement, and legal system. The show delves into the lives of police officers, drug dealers, elected officials, and others whose lives are intertwined with the city’s drug trade.

Reddick played the character Cedric Daniels, who begins the series as a Lieutenant in the Baltimore Police Department and rises to the rank of Commander. His unwavering dedication to justice and his relentless pursuit of exposing corruption both on the streets and within his own department endeared him to viewers, making him a beloved character to root for. The series is available to watch on Max and Hulu.

John Wick Chapters 1-4 

Lance Reddick Movies And TV Shows

Reddick’s portrayal of the polite and elegant Charon in the John Wick franchise has left a lasting impact, spanning all four films. Charon serves as the concierge of the Continental, an exclusive hotel catering to elite assassins.

In a remarkable transformation of a minor role, Reddick has created one of the franchise’s most memorable characters. Charon’s presence has added depth to some of the series’ standout moments. Whether he’s managing the guest registry or wielding a shotgun, Charon maintains his dignity, courtesy, and refinement. Notably, he’s the only person John Wick trusts with his beloved dog, a testament to their unique bond. John Wick first three chapters are streaming on Peacock.

Fringe (2008-2013)

Lance Reddick Movies And TV Shows

Reddick portrayed Phillip Broyles in the science fiction television series Fringe. Broyles is the dedicated leader of the Fringe Division, a clandestine government agency tasked with investigating bizarre and unexplained phenomena.

Broyles first appeared in the premiere episode of Fringe. His initial responsibility was to investigate the peculiar case involving Olivia Dunham, a young FBI agent who had witnessed a woman mysteriously vanish into thin air. Although Broyles initially harbored doubts about Dunham’s account, he eventually came to accept her story as a factual occurrence. Definitely one of the best performances from Lance Reddick movies and TV shows.

Bosch (2014-2021)

Lance Reddick Movies And TV Shows

Bosch is a fantastic TV series, based on the gripping books by Michael Connelly. In the spotlight is LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, brought to life by the talented Titus Welliver. Amazon Prime Video launched this crime-solving extravaganza on February 13, 2014. Fast forward to May 25, 2021, and we sadly bid adieu to the show after seven thrilling seasons.

Some fans of Connelly’s books might’ve had a little friendly disagreement about how Irvin Irving was portrayed on the show. But let’s be real, finding someone who can match Lance Reddick’s intense personality and that bone-chilling intimidation factor? That’s a tall order!

Lost (2004-2010)

Lance Reddick Movies And TV Shows

Lance Reddick took on the role of Matthew Abaddon in the American drama television series Lost. Abaddon, a character shrouded in mystery, first appears in the fourth season of the show. He’s associated with the enigmatic Dharma Initiative, a covert organization that operated on the island before the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Abaddon is a formidable and enigmatic figure. He exhibits exceptional skills in both weaponry and martial arts, and he possesses a deep understanding of the island’s electromagnetic energy. With a cunning and manipulative nature, he stops at nothing to achieve his goals. Lost is streaming on Hulu and Amazon Freevee.

Angel Has Fallen (2019)

Lance Reddick Movies And TV Shows

In the action-packed 2019 movie Angel Has Fallen, Reddick takes on the role of David Gentry, the acting director of the Secret Service. Gentry, a former Secret Service agent himself, is enlisted to investigate the attempted assassination of President Allan Trumbull.

Gentry is portrayed as a highly skilled and knowledgeable agent known for his unflappable demeanor even in high-pressure situations. His reputation as a cool and collected professional is well-earned. Additionally, Gentry showcases his prowess as a swift and effective investigator, adept at dissecting complex problems and arriving at conclusions with remarkable efficiency.

Wrapping it up!

Lance Reddick’s career, though tragically shortened, left behind an enduring legacy of iconic characters. While he frequently portrayed tough authority figures on screen, in reality, he was a gentle and kind-hearted individual. To honor his life and remarkable career, let’s celebrate his best Lance Reddick movies and TV shows. You can also check out our tribute to Angus Cloud as well.



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