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Keke Palmer Movies And TV Shows had an impressive list of roles and accolades under her belt by the time she wasn’t even 30 years old—a collection that most people wouldn’t amass in their entire lifetimes. She had performed music and worked as a network executive, in addition to hosting her own talk show.

She has dabbled in a variety of genres, from dramatic dramas and action-packed movies to happy comedies and kid-friendly fare, making her one of the most versatile and successful young actresses in the business today. If it weren’t obvious that Palmer’s trajectory is destined to continue ascending for many more years, it would be easy to claim that Palmer had attained the summit of her career.

Joyful Noise


The storyline of Joyful Noise is inconsistent, but it also manages to weaken the allure of Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah as unique individuals. Surprisingly, it even detracts from their relationship’s chemistry, bringing it down to the point where it almost seems bad.

Palmer, who is playing Olivia Hill, is the only member of the cast to seem genuinely at ease. (And believe us when we say that this observation is not skewed simply because she is the subject of this list.) Palmer gives her all to precisely executing the movie’s various dance sequences and musical performances despite a plotline about teenage romance that feels forced.

Brotherly Love


With inspirations from both “Stand by Me” (1988) and “O” (2001), Brotherly Love emerges as a coming-of-age movie that tries to keep a consistent tone. Palmer plays Jackie, a young adolescent who not only appears in the movie but also narrates it.

Palmer steps in to rectify the murder mystery plot when it looks to be veering off course in a secluded Philadelphia area, either through her voice or her physical presence. She demonstrates a great ability as an actress to quickly identify any plot holes in a scene, whether they were included in the original script or were found during filming, and skillfully close them with her confident performance.



Alice squanders the intriguing premise that an enslaved lady from the 19th century escapes to 1973 in search of justice. Although Keke Palmer gives a strong and compelling performance, the film finally turns into a predictable revenge thriller that is extremely self-aware. The film’s attempt to imitate ’70s blaxploitation filmmaking, under the direction of Krystin Ver Linden, frequently misses the spirit that makes the genre interesting, despite Palmer’s best efforts to increase the impact of the storyline.

However, Palmer really enjoys playing the lead, especially in the third act when the plot allows her to really get involved. She undoubtedly has the talent to succeed as an action star in a movie that actually cares about its characters.

The Longshots


This charming and visually appealing sports drama heavily depends on Keke Palmer’s abilities. The real-life journey of Jasmine Plummer, who became the first female player in Pop Warner football, served as the basis for “The Longshots” movie.

The lead part of Jasmine, played by Palmer when she was just 14 years old, carries the weight of the Fred Durst-directed movie. Palmer’s extremely mature depiction stands out above all else, showing a deep understanding of her character’s development that even exceeds that of her more seasoned co-stars (sorry, Ice Cube).

Scream: Resurrection


The Deadfast Club, as they refer to themselves, must work together as the corpse count climbs to identify the killer and determine why they are being targeted. They learn disturbing revelations about their pasts along the route that might hold the key to stopping Ghostface.

Marcus Elliot (CJ Wallace), Deion’s twin brother, is revealed to be the murderer in Scream: Resurrection. Marcus survived a vehicle accident on Halloween eight years ago that was initially thought to have killed him, and he has since been hiding out. His desire to get revenge on Deion, whom he felt to be accountable for his demise, drove him to become Ghostface.

The Trip to Bountiful


Palmer and Cicely Tyson play identical roles in this Lifetime remake of the 1985 movie of the same name. Palmer, who is assuming the character of Thelma, joins the road trip story in the middle and has an important interaction with Tyson on a Greyhound bus.

Palmer’s switch from roles geared at younger viewers to more mature characters in “The Trip to Bountiful” marked a turning point in her acting career. Her portrayal is refreshingly real, showing a relaxed relationship with Tyson that flows naturally, much like the movie as a whole.

Scream Queens


In Ryan Murphy’s fun homage to slasher movies, Palmer plays Zayday Williams among a fantastic ensemble that comprises actors with a variety of skills in comedy and the horror genre, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Niecy Nash, Emma Roberts, Oliver Hudson, Nasim Pedrad, and John Stamos. A delightfully bubbly and surprisingly film-savvy horror series called “Scream Queens” deftly strikes a balance between the meanness of “Mean Girls” and the macabre humor of “Saw.”

Palmer stands out among the rest of the cast as Zayday, one of the few people you actually want to succeed in outwitting the murderer. The rest of the ensemble seems a little bit disposable, but it’s clear that Palmer’s contribution is crucial to the show’s continuity.

Keke Palmer’s upcoming projects

Keke Palmer's upcoming projects

Release date: 2024

Cast: Keke Palmer, Wendy Makkena, Kathy Najimy

KeKe Palmer on Sister Act 3: 

“Whoopi, where do I sign on the dotted line? was my response. the 29-year-old actress said in a recent podcast interview with the Los Angeles Times. Because I’m prepared, Whoopi. Whatever you need from me, I’m available.”

Wrapping it up!

Keke Palmer has accumulated an astonishing range of roles and honors in her very brief time in the entertainment industry that many people wouldn’t attain in a lifetime. A real multi-talented individual, Palmer has dabbled in acting roles spanning a variety of genres and styles, talk show hosting, music, and network executive employment. She has earned a reputation as one of the most outstanding young artists of our time thanks to her variety and commitment.



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