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In 2010, zombie films were largely forgotten until the release of The Walking Dead. However, the demand for more content brought the undead back into the public eye, and The Walking Dead was not only a game-changing event for video games but also the first significant television adaptation of the genre on HBO. In recent years, best zombie movies on Netflix to its selection of zombie films, with the transformation of “Zom 100” into a live-action series.

While Netflix may have taken the initiative to focus on Korean programming following the success of “Squid Game”, horror fans understand that movies such as “Train to Busan” and series like “Kingdom” have propelled zombie content to an unprecedented level of creativity. Time is of the essence in the genre, and the emphasis on survival elements in the early stages of the pandemic provided a sense of familiarity. Movies such as “Alive” have certainly taken advantage of this.

Warm Bodies

PictureWarm Bodies
Comedy, Horror, Romance
1 Hour 38 Minutes
Jonathan Levine
Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich

R is a young, introspective zombie who falls in love with Julie after fighting and feeding on her human scavenger group. What follows is the start of a special relationship that helps R start to regain his humanity.

But as the virus spreads through the undead population, R and Julia have to confront a bigger problem when their friendship is called into question. They’re stuck between the scary human powers and the wild zombies that are a threat to everyone. They have to figure out a way to work together to make a better world that no one ever thought possible.

Army of the Dead

PictureArmy of the Dead
Action, Crime, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War
2 Hour 28 Minutes
Zack Snyder
Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera

After a catastrophic government mistake led to Las Vegas being overrun by zombies, billionaire casino tycoon Bly Tanaka realizes he’s left something behind – $200 million! But for now, his piles of cash are safely tucked away in his vault at the casino.

Now Tanaka’s willing to pay Scott Ward, a decorated former mercenary, $50 million if Ward and his team can get the money back before the President of the United States blows up the whole city. It’s a life-altering offer Scott can’t refuse. But this time, things are different. This time, the zombie hordes are more organized than they ever were before. Plus, they’re running out of time.


Action, Comedy, Horror
1 Hour 28 Minutes
Ruben Fleischer
Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson

In the early 21st century, a zombie apocalypse has engulfed the United States, causing havoc. A timid college student from Texas has made it through this nightmare situation by following a list of 30 essential survival guidelines. Observing these regulations entails doing things like “checking the back seat of cars,” “ensuring a double-tap on zombies,” and “avoiding public restrooms at all costs.”

But because he longs to be with his family again, he sets out on a dangerous voyage to Ohio in the vain hope that his parents are still alive. He comes into contact with a seasoned and merciless zombie hunter along the road who is trying to get to Florida, which is thought to be a safe haven.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

PictureKingdom: Ashin of the North
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
1 Hour 32 Minutes
Seong Hun Kim
Jun Ji-hyun, Si-ah Kim, Byeong-eun Park

“Kingdom: Ashin of the North” is a supplemental novella that explores the history and complexities of the resurrection plant within the framework of the Kingdom series. It seeks to reveal the identity of the mysterious figure known as Ashin. Ashin, a figure introduced in the series’ climactic moments, is the main subject of this film’s narrative.

Discovering the history of the resurrection plant and demystifying Ashin are the two main themes of the movie. It offers a more thorough and in-depth investigation into Ashin’s past, which was only skimmed over in the final episode of the series.


Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller
1 Hour 38 Minutes
Il Cho
Yoo Ah-in, Park Shin-Hye, Jeon Bae-soo

The streets of Seoul suddenly and mysteriously descend into mayhem as regular people turn into cannibalistic and vicious beings, similar to zombies. A young man is found alone in his parents’ apartment on the fourth story, hopelessly watching this dreadful spectacle from his window. A strong reminder of his seclusion is provided by the diminishing food supply within.

He unlocks the apartment door out of desperation, only to find a neighbor inside who has already passed away from the virus. He is eventually successful in ejecting the diseased neighbor from his haven during a difficult confrontation. His only connection to the outside world is a flickering television, which shows him the dismal reality that this viral outbreak is swiftly taking over the entire country.


Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
1 Hour 45 Minutes
Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke
Simone Landers, Martin Freeman, Marlee Jane,

The zombie survival genre typically has movies that focus on blood, guts, and jump scares, but “Cargo,” which stars Martin Freeman in the starring role, adopts a refreshingly different tack. This movie differs from others in that it focuses mostly on emotional narrative rather than the typical horror-driven aspects.

While many zombie films rely on the shock factor of blood and gruesome scenes, “Cargo” takes a different approach. As its central topic, it prioritizes the preservation of humanity. The movie investigates the profound human ties and values that remain in this post-apocalyptic planet teeming with the undead.


Adventure, Drama, Horror, Western
1 Hour 41 Minutes
Antonia Bird
Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, David Arquette

After Captain John Boyd succeeds in a major combat during the Mexican-American War, his career takes an unexpected turn. However, there is a disappointing twist to his promotion. Boyd occupies the rank of third in command at Fort Spencer, a remote outpost, when the general recognizes his cowardice in attaining this victory.

Boyd encounters a fairly peculiar bunch of people at Fort Spencer. These include Cleaves, the drug-using cook, George and his sister Martha, the long-time Native American residents of the fort, Chaplain Toffler, Reich, a soldier, and Knox, who frequently problems with binge drinking.

Wrapping it up!

The need for new interpretations of this popular genre among viewers pushes writers to consider uncharted territory, resulting in a greater variety, level of engagement, and depth of thinking in zombie stories than ever before. These stories serve as a reminder that, in a world where survival is paramount, what makes us genuinely unique are our humanity, compassion, and perseverance in the face of tragedy.



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