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When looking for anything to watch, browsing through Netflix’s huge catalog can be somewhat intimidating. The sheer quantity of choices might be overwhelming, even after you’ve determined your chosen genre. Nobody wants to take a chance on a new movie only to find out they don’t like it, which would result in the tiresome cycle of giving up and starting the search all over again. After a lot of research, we have picked and mentioned below the best psychological thrillers on Netflix.

We’ve put together a carefully curated list of top picks to help you navigate the confusing world of Netflix’s movie selection, especially if you’re in the mood for a psychological thriller. This list should make it easier for you to discover a movie that catches your attention and makes for a relaxing sofa night.

Netflix has a lot of the best romance movies as well and not only this, this biggest streaming platform also has some best action movies which are rated and ranked on top.

I Care A Lot


It’s unusual for a female antihero to hold your interest to the point that you find yourself torn between supporting her crafty plans and not. This sums up the intriguing core of the darkly humorous thriller “I Care A Lot.” In this movie, a crafty con artist poses as a court-appointed guardian for elderly people who are in need of care. She expertly convinces the judicial system that these elderly people are incapable of caring for themselves, enabling her to take possession of their assets.

She enters dangerous seas with her bold decision to take up the guardianship of a crime lord’s mother. The ensuing cat-and-mouse chase keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way up to the suspenseful finale of the movie. As the lead, Rosamund Pike gives a fantastic performance.

The Tutor


“The Tutor” is a slow-moving thriller that was written by Ryan King, a new author best known for “Black Files,” and was also directed by Jordan Ross. The hero of the movie, Garrett Hedlund, is a sought-after tutor who is entrusted with educating the obnoxious billionaire’s son, played by Noah Schnapp of “Stranger Things” fame.

The student-teacher interaction changes as “The Tutor” progresses, going from an uncomfortable feeling to a dangerous psychological conflict. In the midst of the creepy and lonely waterfront backdrop owned by the affluent East Coast family, Hedlund and Schnapp both provide outstanding performances. This movie takes audiences on a trip filled with unsettling suspense, unexpected plot turns, and ominous revelations.



Everybody has experienced the feeling of dread and anxiety that comes with not hearing from someone as expected. Will Merrick and Nicholas D. Johnson, the directors of “Missing,” skillfully convey this inner upheaval in a really distinctive cinematic experience.

In the movie, Storm Reid’s June Allen, a girl who is anxiously anticipating a night of partying with friends while her mother is gone, is narrated from the perspective of June Allen. But when her mother doesn’t show up as expected, June is forced to take charge of the investigation.



The mind-bending thriller “Intrusion,” which Adam Salky directed, transports viewers on an extraordinary journey. Known for his work in “Big Sky,” Logan Marshall-Green and Freida Pinto play Meera and Henry, a couple looking for a quiet life in a small village. Their preparations, however, take a terrible turn when they become the victims of a violent home invasion.

Chris Sparling’s script for “Intrusion” progressively transforms into a twisted psychological game, especially when seen through Meera’s (Pinto’s character) point of view. The movie digs into issues of trauma, isolation, and manipulation as she starts to doubt everyone and everything, even her own husband. Audiences are left wondering who can be trusted and where the real threat lies as a result of this intriguing approach’s opening doors to a sequence of discoveries.

The Good Nurse


The plot centers on an ICU nurse, played by Chastain, who develops concerns about her colleague, Redmayne, and his alleged role in the deaths of patients at the hospital where they both work. Even as the stakes for these two medical professionals rise to the point of life and death, Krysty Wilson-Cairns’ script is solidly grounded in reality.

The two hours of heart-pounding intensity in “The Good Nurse” are delivered by these Oscar-winning actors in stunning performances that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Side Effects


The movie “Side Effects” was supposed to be Steven Soderbergh’s last as a director, but a year later he would make another movie. When it comes to precise thrillers, Soderbergh is renowned for his talent, and his work with screenwriter Scott Z. Burns has been particularly noteworthy. Burns offers a distinct perspective on extremely specialized sectors.

With the same level of success as their earlier works, such as “Contagion” and “The Informant!,” “Side Effects” investigates the pharmaceutical industry and the results of speculative medical research. In this meticulously structured, intimate thriller, Rooney Mara delivers a superb performance. Her character is forced to deal with the fallout from an incident that she is unable to recall. She finds herself in a challenging situation.

The Weekend Away


Leighton Meester, best known for her work on “Gossip Girl,” plays the female lead in Kim Farrant’s psychological thriller “The Weekend Away,” which also has a strong female cast. The script, which Sarah Alderson, who also wrote the book, adapted from the novel, is what drives the story. We follow Beth, a character played by Meester in “The Weekend Away,” as she embarks on an investigation to discover the truth about her friend Kate, a role performed by Christina Wolfe.

One of the film’s standout elements is Meester and Wolfe’s compelling performances. In addition to offering a compelling mystery plot, “The Weekend Away” also takes viewers on a cinematic tour of Croatia’s stunning landscapes. Because it combines intrigue with breathtaking scenery, this movie is captivating and visually stunning.

Wrapping it up!

In conclusion, the best psychological thrillers on Netflix’s enormous catalog for the ideal film can be a difficult undertaking. Even within your chosen genre, there are often too many options. Nobody wants to spend time on a new movie just to be let down by it, setting off a tiresome cycle of looking for something better. We’ve compiled a list of our top selections such as The Good Nurse to help you choose a Netflix movie, especially if you’re in the mood for a psychological thriller. These movies provide compelling stories, excellent performances, and original viewpoints that guarantee a fun and interesting couch time.



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