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Imagine your family gathering around the television in cozy pajamas, with a large dish full of delectable munchies nearby. The only thing lacking is a movie that everyone can joyfully agree is truly delightful and family-friendly. But making the decision is difficult: Should it be an animated film, a renowned Disney classic, or a sweetly sentimental movie? We had picked the best family movies on Hulu.

Finding the ideal movie for a family movie night can be difficult, especially if the audience is made up of people of different ages. Fortunately, Hulu offers a wide variety of engaging selections that are sure to attract both kids and adults. Here are 21 excellent family films that are currently streaming on Hulu, from classics like Shrek to modern treasures like Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

You can also check some of the best crime shows on Hulu and also some of the best heart-warming and charmful best romance movies on Hulu which we picked carefully for movie enthusiasts.

Are We There Yet

PictureAre We There Yet
Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance
1 Hour 35 Minutes
Directed by
Brian Levant
Ice Cube, Nia Long, Aleisha Allen

In Portland, Oregon, Nick Persons (Ice Cube), a ladies’ man, runs a store selling sports memorabilia. He dislikes women who have children since he is not interested in having them. One day, Nia Long’s character Suzanne Kingston, a single mother of two kids named Lindsey (Aleisha Allen) and Kevin (Philip Bolden), introduces Nick to her.

Nick is drawn to Suzanne right first, but her kids initially turn him off. However, Nick ultimately decides to travel with Suzanne and her kids to Canada to visit Suzanne’s mother. The journey is not without difficulties as Nick and the kids argue about everything from food to music.

Dr. Dolittle 

PictureDr. Dolittle 
Comedy, Family, Fantasy
1 Hour 25 Minutes
Directed by
Betty Thomas
Eddie Murphy, Peter Boyle, Ossie Davis

John unintentionally runs over a dog with his car one day. The dog, a terrier by the name of Rodney, informs John that he can speak despite being unharmed. John is at first dubious, but he quickly comes to the conclusion that Rodney is telling the truth. Talking to animals is a gift that John has, but it’s not all good. On the one hand, it enables him to assist sick or hurt animals.

However, it makes him a target for mockery and mistrust. When John’s wife learns of his talent, she is initially taken aback and perplexed. She finally accepts it, though, and even assists him in starting an animal clinic.

Charlotte’s Web

PictureCharlotte’s Web
Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
1 Hour 37 Minutes
Directed by
Gary Winick
Dakota Fanning, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey

When Fern Arable, age 8, learns that her father plans to put the runt of a litter of piglets to death, she is horrified. She saves the animal and gives him the name Wilbur after persuading him that the piglet has a right to live and vowing to care for it.

Fern is compelled to sell Wilbur to her uncle, Homer Zuckerman when he grows too big. Wilbur longs for company in Zuckerman’s barnyard but is ignored by the other animals. A barn spider named Charlotte who lives in a doorway with a view of Wilbur’s enclosure befriends him.

Daddy Day Care

PictureDaddy Day Care
Comedy, Family
1 Hour 32 Minutes
Directed by
Steve Carr
Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin, Anjelica Huston

The business starts off slowly, but as word gets out about the two dads who prefer to spend time with their children having fun than teaching them scholastic skills, it quickly catches up. The owner of the elite Chapman Academy daycare center, Gwyneth Harridan (Anjelica Huston), notices the daycare center’s success.

Harridan wants to destroy Daddy Day Care because she is enraged that two guys are vying for her attention. However, parents love Charlie and Phil’s daycare facility because of the carefree environment and emphasis on fun. In the end, Daddy Day Care is a success, and Charlie and Phil are able to demonstrate that they are equally capable of caring for children as any woman.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins 

PictureMr. Popper’s Penguins 
Comedy, Family, Fantasy
1 Hour 34 Minutes
Directed by
Mark Waters
Jim Carrey, Carla Gugino, Angela Lansbury

Mr. Popper, a very accomplished and prosperous real estate tycoon, is not only a devoted father but also a highly successful professional, indicating a bright future. However, with his father’s tragic passing, his life’s course takes an unexpected turn. One of the greatest comedy movies on the list of best family movies on Hulu.

His father left him a rather unusual inheritance: a living penguin. Mr. Popper finds himself with a lovely group of six penguins after a series of misunderstandings. Naturally, this results in a series of entertaining and humorous situations that are sure to amuse.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

PictureThe Amazing Spider-Man 2
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
2 Hours 22 Minutes
Directed by
Marc Webb
Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx

If we consider selecting the best family movies on Hulu then how can we forget our childhood favorite Spider-Man. After the events of the first movie, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) has gained experience and confidence to become a superhero. He is struggling to reconcile his superhuman activities with his everyday life while dating Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

When Peter encounters Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx), an Oscorp electrical engineer who has been changed into a strong entity known as Electro, his world is flipped upside down. Electro targets Peter in his quest for vengeance on Oscar for his cruelty.

Mrs. Doubtfire

PictureMrs. Doubtfire
Comedy, Drama
2 Hours 5 Minutes
Directed by
Chris Columbus
Robin Williams, Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan

Robin Williams plays the father of three, Daniel Hillard, who is divorced and adores his kids but is not given much access to them. Full custody of the kids belongs to his wife Miranda (Sally Field), who thinks Daniel is too young and careless to be a decent parent.

Daniel, who is desperate to be near his children, poses as Mrs. Doubtfire, a middle-aged British woman, and is employed as their housekeeper. Being a nice and sympathetic person, Mrs. Doubtfire swiftly wins the children’s hearts.

Wrapping it up!

It might be difficult to choose the ideal cinematic experience for a family movie night when you’re trying to please a broad group of people with different ages and tastes. Thankfully, Hulu steps in as a solution, providing a wealth of enthralling selections that are likely to win over both children and adults. best family movies on Hulu that are available for streaming, including time-tested favorites like Shrek and modern treasures like Dora and the Lost City of Gold.



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