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For All Mankind

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If you haven’t jumped on the Apple TV PlusFor All Mankind bandwagon yet, fear not—it’s never too late to embark on this thrilling journey through an alternate history that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the space race and, well, history itself.

So, what’s the hype about? For All Mankind takes us on a wild ride, imagining a world where the U.S.S.R. beat the U.S. to the moon, setting off a chain of events that will keep you on the edge of your seat for four seasons and counting. Think of it as a cosmic rollercoaster with unexpected twists, turns, and loops that will have you questioning the very fabric of time.

Fast-Forward into the Future

One of the coolest aspects? The show doesn’t just stick to one era; it fast-forwards into the future with each season. We start in 1969 and find ourselves in 2003 by Season 4. This isn’t your typical history lesson; it’s a drama that treats time as its own character, shaping the narrative with each passing decade. Fasten your seatbelts for quick-moving montages that bring you up to speed on the changes, and boy, are there some mind-blowing alterations to the historical tapestry.

What sets For All Mankind apart is its ability to seamlessly blend science fiction world-building with the twists and turns of alternate history. Imagine John Lennon surviving, Al Gore becoming President, and the USSR standing strong. It’s a symphony of alternate realities that keeps you guessing what’s around the next corner.

Glasnost – A Dive into History’s Echoes

Season 4 kicks off with Glasnost, an episode that doesn’t just entertain but also dives deep into the echoes of history. The past is not forgotten; it lingers, haunting characters like a ghost. From NASA headquarters bombings to astronauts grappling with grief on Mars, it’s a poignant exploration of how the weight of history shapes individuals and their destinies.

Monuments that Tell a Tale

Picture this: Monuments honoring characters lost and found, frozen in the moments that defined them. It’s a powerful tribute but also a stark reminder of how history can both immortalize and flatten its heroes. The show cleverly questions our passive treatment of historical memory, making you ponder the monuments in your own life.

Unlike the distant heroes of traditional space dramas, For All Mankind brings astronauts back to Earth —literally and figuratively. These are not flawless figures; they’re human, with all the pettiness, anger, jealousy, and stubbornness that entails. Their flaws make the show, and in a direct way, they shape history. Who knew disobedience, acts of love, misunderstandings, and sacrifices could influence the course of time?

Grief, Normalcy, and the Human Scale

The new season doesn’t shy away from exploring grief, a universal human experience. Characters like Kelly Baldwin showcase how different people cope with loss, and it’s anything but ordinary. The show deftly balances cosmic heroism with the human scale, reminding us that even in space, the mundane can be extraordinary.

Why Start Now?

Now, you might be wondering, why start watching now? Well, aside from the fact that it’s never too late to join the For All Mankind party, the new season promises a more nuanced exploration of the costs of historical achievement. As the characters move further into the future, the show hints at a deeper dive into the impacts of history on the human psyche.

Final Frontier: Time’s Arcs and Our Own

The show isn’t just about space exploration; it’s a journey into the final frontier of time. “You don’t ever really move on,” says astronaut Danielle Poole in the first episode of Season 4. And isn’t that true for all of us? We carry our past, our losses, and our triumphs with us, shaping our own trajectories.

So, whether you’re a history buff, a sci-fi fanatic, or just someone looking for a damn good TV show, For All Mankind has something for everyone. It’s a reminder that it’s never too late to start exploring the infinite possibilities of an alternate history and, by extension, our own.



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