Stranger Things Prequel Reveals Eddie Munson’s Heartbreaking Story

Eddie Munson

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Netflix‘s Stranger Things franchise unveils Eddie Munson’s tragic past in a new prequel novel. Released back in 2016, the epic journey continues with Season 4, where Joseph Quinn‘s character, Munson, heroically sacrificed himself in the showdown against the menacing Vecna. And as the excitement builds for Season 5, we get sneak peek into the upcoming novel, Flight of Icarus.

In Caitlin Schneiderhan’s upcoming novel, we rewind two years before the Season 4 mayhem to explore Eddie’s life and dreams. Fueled by the wild ambition of becoming a rockstar, finds himself in a buzzing recording studio, surrounded by the thunderous beats of heavy metal. In a twist of fate, he spills his guts to the producer, sharing the heart-wrenching fact that he lost his mom at the tender age of six. But fear not, because according to Schneiderhan, Eddie’s love affair with heavy metal isn’t just about headbanging – it’s his ticket to a realm brimming with epic adventures.

Why Eddie is A Memorable Stranger Things Character?

The Stranger Things cast has grown a lot, and the main group of teens and adults has been joined by some great supporting characters. Eddie Munson was one of the most popular in season 4, as he was the fun-loving leader of the Hawkins High School Dungeons & Dragons club and a true friend to Chrissy. He was a bit of a wild card at times, but the first episode showed us how kind he could be.

When he was suspected of killing Chrissy, he had to run away from the law and a bunch of angry high school kids. His underdog story and bad luck make him a great character to root for, and it only gets better as the season goes on. But it’s also his death that makes him so special.

The Duffer Brothers has a habit of killing off Stranger Things new characters, so it’s no surprise that viewers were worried about Eddie pretty early on.

Eddie Munson

In the Season 4 finale, he plays a really cool version of a Metallica song called Master of Puppets, which he uses to distract Vecna. Eventually, he dies saving his friends and sadly won’t be coming back for Season 5. The upcoming prequel novel will be a great way to tell the story of Eddie.

Wrapping it Up!

Eddie Munson is one of the most beloved characters on Netflix’s Stranger Things, and fans can’t get enough of him. His story of resilience and sacrifice in the face of evil is heartbreaking. In this prequel novel, we get a sneak peek at Eddie’s life 2 years before Season 4. We’ll learn more about his dreams of becoming a musician and how he fell in love with heavy metal.



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