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Step into the uproarious universe of Solar Opposites, now streaming on Hulu, quenching the comedy thirst in our lives! This uproarious series revolves around an outlandish alien clan – Terry, Korvo, Jesse, and Yumyulack – who find themselves stranded on Earth following a tumultuous crash landing. Amidst their efforts to adapt to this new world, tension brews within the group as they grapple with the decision of whether to remain on Earth or make the journey back to their distant home planet.

The series has quickly gained popularity among both seasoned lovers of mature animated entertainment and interested novices, introducing them to the hilarious Solar Opposites characters.

With Season 4, significant developments were made behind the scenes – changes in the Solar Opposites voice actors. To ensure you’re fully updated on each character, allow us to introduce you to the stellar cast of Solar Opposites.

Dan Stevens as Korvo


Korvo, a clever alien in Solar Opposites, strongly dislike Earth and is ready to get away from it. As the team’s leader to discover a new world, he plays a crucial role. At times Korvo can’t help but be lured by the novelty of Earth’s conventions every now and then, like when he fell in love with the Earth-based children’s show Funbucket. However, Korvo has stayed somewhat staunch in his objective of getting himself and his family off the globe and into new horizons, preferably on another world that won’t be destroyed or would be annoying.

Solar Opposites Korvo voice actor was initially Justin Roiland, but he was later fired owing to domestic abuse accusations. Dan Stevens, a 40-year-old British actor best known for his portrayal of Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey, stepped in for the fourth season.

Thomas Middleditch as Terry


Terry, one of the aliens in Solar Opposites, has gotten pretty comfortable on Earth. He shows this with his ever-changing graphic t-shirts and his special Star Wars pajamas. Terry and Korvo shares a complicated relationship. Are they friends, married, in a romantic relationship? Nobody is sure. Whether Terry and Korvo’s relationship is romantic or not, Terry is more like the fun parent compared to Korvo’s strict one. They’re raising two replicants and the Pupa together.

Thomas Middleditch, a 41-year-old Canadian actor and comedian, voices Terry. He is famous for his role as Richard Hendricks on HBO’s Silicon Valley from 2014 to 2019. He even got nominated for a big award called the Primetime Emmy Award for his acting in that role.

Sean Giambrone as Yumyulack


Sean Giambrone lends his voice to Yumyulack. While he and his fellow replicant have to go to school and pretend to be human children, Yumyulack stands on the edge of being a bit of toxic. He’s always coming up with ideas for new weapons and using nearby humans as test subjects. He even shrinks mean grown-ups and keeps them in a mini-world called ‘the Wall’. Yumyulack is basically a copy of Korvo, except he believes he’s a super smart scientist and a skilled bounty hunter.

Giambrone is most famous for his roles in The Goldbergs, Kim Possible, Clarence, and Slippin’ Jimmy. He’s been acting since he was just 9 years old.

Mary Mack as Jesse


Jesse, the replicant of Terry, quickly adapted to life on Earth just like him. Although she’s not as foolish as Terry, she still has a childlike innocence about her. She really wants to fit in with humans, even though many of them don’t like her and her family. Despite facing bullies and unfriendly teachers, Jesse stays positive and doesn’t let bad experiences ruin her cheerful attitude.

Jesse is voiced by Mary Mack, an American actress and comedian who’s been in shows like Live at Gotham and Golan the Insatiable.

Sagan McMahan as The Pupa

The Pupa might look cute and harmless, but it plays a crucial role. It’s not like the other aliens. Yumyulack says the Pupa has the history of their old planet inside it. When it grows up, it could change Earth to be like their old home, Shlorp. But there’s a problem: it might eat Earth in order to do that. Every season, the Pupa changes how it looks, getting closer to its big change. The aliens don’t know much about the Pupa, even though Terry is supposed to be an expert.

Kieran Culkin as Glen

Solar Opposites Cast and Character

Guess who’s making a surprise appearance in the Solar Opposites new episodes? It’s none other than your favorite Succession actor, Kieran Culkin. In this latest season, he lends his voice to the character Glen, a human neighbor who, after stumbling upon one of the Solar Opposites‘ schemes, ends up being sent into space by them.

In Solar Opposites Season 4, Glen escapes the Silvercops in a jungle, joins friendly criminals, helps reform their operation into a community center, and then shocks everyone by becoming a Silvercop himself, all driven by a thirst for revenge.

Other Recurring Characters

In Solar Opposites, you’ll also meet many other characters who appear often. They include Sutton Foster as Pobo, Christopher Meloni as LoneSun, Carlos Alazraqui as Ventrez, Tiffany Haddish as Aisha, Kari Wahlgren in different roles, and Rob Schrab as Principal Cooke. In season 4, we will see Blake Perlman as Glorgax, member of the SilverCops. These diverse Solar Opposites cast and character make their world more exciting and fun to watch.

Solar Opposites has a dynamic ensemble of skilled actors who infuse vitality into the intergalactic persona. With shifts happening off-screen and fresh voices joining the mix, the new season guarantees thrill, surprises and captivating moments.



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