Why Nicole Beharie’s Character is Important in The Morning Show Season 3?

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In this ever-changing world of TV, Apple TV+‘s The Morning Show is one of the few shows that really gets down to the nitty-gritty of real-life problems. With its third season having premiered on September 13, 2023, this drama series has continued to push the boundaries, addressing pertinent social themes and providing a platform for talented actors to shine. So let’s get into why Nicole Beharie’s character is of importance in Season 3 of The Morning Show, with a special focus on the pivotal episode White Noise, and the broader significance of black characters in the series.

Racism and Cyberbullying

The third episode of Season 3 of The Morning Show, White Noise, marks the start of Chris’s story. It’s set in the wake of a cyber attack on UBA, where Billy Crudup’s Cory Ellison and his fixer reveal a damaging email from Cory’s nemesis, Holland Taylor’s Cybil Richards. This email reveals not only corporate collusion, but also some pretty shocking racism.

Cybil makes a racist joke in her email that compares Chris (a Black Olympian) to Aunt Jemima (a racist stereotype). This leads to a huge office spat about racism at the network, which the show handles with its usual boldness and daring. But what’s really touching about this episode is how Beharie plays Chris’ reaction to the email, and the racist comments that follow.

Beharie’s character straddles the line between public and private grief, which makes her journey so relatable and heartbreaking. Chris’ decision to confront Cybil in front of everyone on live TV, worried she’d be seen as “an angry Black woman” instead of an employee fighting against racial discrimination, is one of the most powerful moments in the episode.

Nicole Beharie’s Exceptional Performance

Nicole Beharie, celebrated for her roles in acclaimed films like Miss Juneteenth and Shame, as well as her television stint as Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hollow, takes center stage in The Morning Show Season 3. Beharie’s career has been marked by versatility and a commitment to her craft.

Nicole Beharie’s performance in The Morning Show Season 3 is nothing short of exceptional. Her ability to project grace while dismantling her character’s emotional barriers has garnered widespread acclaim. Beharie’s nuanced approach to Chris’s character is a testament to her skill as an actress. She brings authenticity to the role, making Chris a relatable and complex character who stands out in the series.

One of the standout moments in White Noise is when Chris confronts Cybil during a live TV interview. Beharie’s portrayal of this scene allows viewers to see the emotional depth of Chris’s character and the weight of the situation. Her ability to convey the character’s internal struggle and resolve shines through in this pivotal moment.

Story of Black Women in Journalism Was Much Needed

The Morning Show has consistently addressed relevant societal issues, and Season 3 continues this trend by placing a strong focus on Chris’s character and the theme of racial inequality in the workplace. The inclusion of black characters like Chris underscores the show’s commitment to depicting the experiences and challenges faced by people of color in the media industry.

Chris’s journey highlights the insidious nature of institutional racism, where a Black woman is paid less than her white counterpart for the same role. The show deftly exposes how racism can manifest in corporate settings, weaving it into the fabric of the narrative. This portrayal resonates with viewers, as it mirrors the real-world struggles of individuals who confront such biases daily.

Ending Notes

To sum up, Chris Hunter is a really important and strong character in Season 3 of The Morning Show. Her performance in White Noise really hits the nail on the head when it comes to racism and unfair treatment in the workplace.

The Morning Show is always pushing the envelope and talking about important social issues, and having black people like Chris on the show is a great way to show that people of color have their own stories to tell in the media. Beharie’s story is one of struggle and resilience, which makes her presence on the show even more important.

Nicole Beharie is an amazing actress and a great TV star. Her performance as Chris Hunter is a reminder of how powerful storytelling can be and how it can be used to bring important social issues to light. Maybe it’s time we give Beharie some more TV lead roles and recognize her amazing talent.



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