Netflix Blue Eye Samurai is Unabashedly Sexual Show Since Game of Thrones

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Netflix has once again pushed the boundaries with its animated series, Blue Eye Samurai. If you thought Game of Thrones was the epitome of sexual storytelling, Blue Eye Samurai is here to give it a run for its money. Buckle up, because we’re diving into the world of this unabashedly sexual show that has left viewers both intrigued and, at times, blushing.

A Splash of Vengeance and a Pinch of Taboo

Set in 17th-century Japan, Blue Eye Samurai introduces us to Mizu, a mixed-race swordswoman on a blood-soaked quest for revenge. What makes this series stand out, aside from its stunning animation and gripping plot, is its unapologetic exploration of sexuality. As Mizu navigates her revenge-filled journey, the show takes a no-holds-barred approach to depicting the desires, struggles, and complexities of its characters.

Breaking Chains: Mizu’s Sexual Independence

Mizu, voiced with finesse by Maya Erskine, challenges conventional norms as a female warrior determined to avenge her past. Her wide-brimmed hat and eye-shielding glasses symbolize not just her identity concealment but also her resistance to matters of the flesh. In a refreshing departure from the norm, Mizu’s primary focus is not on romantic pursuits but on slashing her way through adversaries.

However, Mizu’s story runs parallel to that of Princess Akemi, a character who defies expectations by willingly engaging in paid sex work on her terms. This narrative twist brings a unique perspective to the series, presenting a character who seizes control of her life through unconventional means.

From Visceral Scenes to Animated Genitals

The show’s boldness extends beyond its narrative into the realm of animation. Michael Green, the showrunner, took special care in selecting animators comfortable with illustrating the visceral scenes that define Blue Eye Samurai. Content warnings were issued, ensuring the team’s readiness for the graphic nature of the series, akin to the brutality seen in other hits like Invincible and Arcane.

One standout aspect is the unprecedented inclusion of animated genitals, a rarity in a TV show that often shies away from such explicit depictions. From octopuses affixed to private parts to a villain receiving a unique form of punishment, Blue Eye Samurai leaves little to the imagination.

Sex as an Art

In one memorable scene, Mizu skeptically questions the significance of sex as an art. Madame Kaji, the brothel’s big boss, responds with a smirk, “The gentleman was wise to seek me.” This exchange encapsulates the show’s perspective that to master the way of battle, one must become acquainted with every art, including the art of sex.

Director Jane Wu emphasized that the show’s approach to sexuality aims to provide a point of view, avoiding gratuitousness and often showcasing scenes from women’s perspectives. Blue Eye Samurai challenges the notion that explicit content must be solely for shock value, presenting it as a crucial element in the characters’ journeys.

The Dream Team Behind Blue Eye Samurai

Michael Green’s careful selection of the animation team, often referred to as a “SEAL team” by director Jane Wu, speaks volumes about the commitment to delivering a groundbreaking series. Green handpicked animators with the right temperament, recognizing the challenges posed by illustrating violent scenes frame-by-frame.

The series has earned praise for assembling a team capable of handling the mature themes and explicit content, a testament to the synergy between storytelling and animation in pushing creative boundaries.

Blue Eye Samurai vs. Game of Thrones: A Sexual Showdown

Comparisons to Game of Thrones are inevitable, given the latter’s reputation for pushing the boundaries of on-screen sexuality. Blue Eye Samurai, however, steps into this arena with its own unique flair. While Game of Thrones often portrayed sexual encounters as mundane exposition, Blue Eye Samurai elevates sex to an art form intertwined with the characters’ primary vocations.

In a TV landscape where explicit content is often relegated to mere titillation, both series share a commitment to weaving sexuality into the fabric of their narratives. Netflix Blue Eye Samurai stands as a welcome refutation to the recent deluge of sexless content, providing a rare and lyrical exchange on television about the essential nature of healthy sexual exploration.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Netflix’s Blue Eye Samurai emerges as a bold and unapologetic exploration of sexuality in the realm of animated storytelling. Its commitment to depicting explicit content is not mere shock value but a deliberate choice to enrich the characters’ journeys and the overall narrative. In a world where the boundaries of on-screen storytelling are continually pushed, Blue Eye Samurai stands tall, proudly waving the banner of sexual exploration in the same breath as action and vengeance. So, if you’re ready for a series that doesn’t shy away from the complexities of desire and revenge, Blue Eye Samurai is waiting for you on Netflix, ready to challenge your expectations and leave you eagerly anticipating its next move.



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