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Moving K-Drama has left us in awe and wanting for more after it’s premiere on Disney+. The series is being praised by critics and fans alike. Moving wins big at The 2023 Asia Contents Awards garnering awards for The Best Creative Award, Best Visual Effects award and Best Writer Award. This proves that the Moving is the best superhero K-drama out there.

The Moving finale continues with the narrative of previous episode, which concluded with a heated confrontation between Yoo-woo and Yoo-won. In a shocking turn of events, Yoo-won is shot at close range by Yoo-won, resulting in a wound to the left eye. Upon hearing the news of Yoo-won’s injury, Mihyun returned fire, striking Yoo-won in the arm.

Moving finale might leave certain fans in relief, while also evoking empathy for certain characters’ death, as it becomes evident that a larger, intricate strategy was in motion with individuals acting as mere pieces in the grand scheme.

Is Mi-Hyun Saved by Bong-Seok?

During a firefight, Yoo-won got seriously hurt. Later in the episode, Young-deck looked for his friend in the chaos. Yoo-sook told him to stay safe and live a regular life before passing away. This sad moment left Young-deck feeling hopeless because his friend’s dying wish for him to live normally is a big part of the episode.

Moving K-Drama

Throughout the series, the protagonists encounter a variety of hazardous situations, testing the boundaries of their remarkable abilities. In one particularly tense moment, a South Korean soldier discharged his supersonic capabilities, resulting in the injury of Kang-hoon. His father’s superhuman strength ultimately saved him.

Another near miss occurred when a powerful adversary used his abilities to destroy the school, resulting in Jae-man’s seemingly unharmed condition and Ju-won’s body being impaled by a structural bar. Ju-won’s daughter Hui-Soo has shown remarkable resilience and recovery throughout the series, with her taking a bullet to defend Bong-Sok. However, Mi-Hyun has faced less danger than her companions.

What Happens to Deok-yoon and Yong-deuk?

A few miles away from the school, Yoon-Deuk encounters Hui-Soo, who is in a state of shock at the sight of the strange man in distress. She takes the opportunity to comfort the man and reassure him that he is going to be all right. She is reminiscent of her mother in many ways. Deok-Yoon recollects his initial reaction to the assignment, which he was initially opposed to, but had no other option.

He wishes to save the children and end the cycle of violence. He believes that innocent people are the ones who are responsible for their suffering and that those who caused it are the ones who should be held responsible. Despite Ju-won’s and Mi-Hyun’s attempts to rescue him, he tragically jumps off a cliff without informing them of his plans.

Moving K-Drama

Does the Moving Finale follow Webtoon?

Before the end of the finale, there was a lot of apprehension among the fans because of the threat posed by a highly-trained flying North Korean soldier, and also because of the presence of Kang Full, who wrote most of the script for the original K-drama. For the most part, the Moving K-Drama finale sticks to the webtoon’s storyline, even what Hui-soo, Bong-seok, and Kang-hoon get up to after they graduate.

After all the school shenanigans, the three friends toss their graduation caps in the air. Il-hwan goes back to being a teacher. But here’s the twist: in the K-drama, Kang-hoon decides to join the NIS all on his own, like it’s his life’s calling. In the webtoon, Kang-hoon’s got no say in the matter because it was a deal struck when he was just a kid to protect his pops.

Hui-soo, the smarty-pants, manages to get into college, while Yong-deuk teams up with Ju-won at the chicken joint. They even play the family card, with Hui-soo calling him “uncle.” It’s all hilariously heartwarming.

Moving K-Drama:

Meanwhile, on the news, there’s this caped hero in a yellow jacket swooping in to save the day. Hui-soo’s got it all figured out; she knows it’s Bong-seok.

Oh, and speaking of scars, in the K-drama, Hui-soo gazes at a bullet scar on her arm. But in the webtoon, she took a bullet to the stomach. Ouch, that’s quite the change!

Does Moving K-Drama has Happy Ending?

The police arrive at the school and are denied entry due to the criminal background of the perpetrator. Ji-sung then contacts the commissioner, allowing the NIS to take control of the situation. Following graduation, the students find their father missing and Hui-Soo realizes why he is absent. Ki-Soo and Han Byul managed to survive, and it is revealed that Ki-Soo has a romantic interest in Han Byul.

Despite the fact that Jae-man is unable to attend the graduation due to his son’s condition, he is still proud of him. After joining the NIS, Gang-Hoon asks Yong-Jun to remove his father’s criminal record, and Yong-Jun promises to consider the matter. Upon returning to NIS headquarters, he is surprised to discover that Hye-Win is in fact the one controlling the situation, and Yong-jun is responsible for her.

Moving K-Drama:

What happens to Doo-Sik?

Doo-Sik ends up getting caught and whisked away to the North. There, he did something pretty wild – he took out his boss. Why, you ask? Well, he’d had it up to here with all the non-stop violence and the orders to target kids. Plus, knowing that Joon-Hwa, a fellow dad, was in the mix, he figured they’d be coming for his own kid sooner or later.

Doo-Sik made a dramatic comeback to South Korea and took care of business by taking out Yong-jun. He even called it “stupid,” but considering Sang-Gu was in charge now, it kind of makes you wonder if maybe it was better to deal with the devil you already knew.

But here’s where the feels come in – after all that mayhem, picture Doo-Sik reuniting with his wife and son for the first time in years.

Ending Notes

It’s safe to say that our beloved superhero K-drama wraps up on a high note. In Moving episode 20, the story comes full circle, and our characters, after all the heart-pounding adventures and battles, finally find their well-deserved happiness and a fresh start.



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