Love is Blind Season 5: Jaw-Dropping Twist Changes Everything

This season is Messy AF!
Love is Blind season 5

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Love is Blind Season 5 is bringing a hefty dose of relationship drama and a touch of chaos to the table. Netflix released the initial four episodes, and this season is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. It features unexpected break-ups in the middle of the season, heated arguments over makeup choices, and a shocking revelation that sends several cast members into a tailspin.

But what’s behind the feeling that Season 5 has to be the most elevated one? Well, it appears that the answer might be found within the twist itself.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the first episodes yet and want to remain in the dark, stop reading now!

For those unfamiliar with the show, Love is Blind throws its hopeful romantics into isolated “pods” where they date each other without ever seeing each other face-to-face. After some pod-time, they propose through the pod wall and then meet in person, moving in together, meeting family and friends, and ultimately deciding whether to say “I do.”

Love is Blind season 5

This season seems a tad less buttoned-up than previous ones. We get glimpses of the contestants enjoying a tasty spread of food in their living quarters, complete with a few cracked eggs. Plus, this season now includes a mental health disclaimer at the end of each episode, assuring us that all participants had pre-filming evaluations and access to mental health support. Very chill, indeed!

Let the Drama Begins

Most things remain the same—the metal cups, for instance, are still a staple on set. It becomes particularly comical when one couple tries to use them for hot coffee. However, this season introduces a wicked new twist: Uche, a 34-year-old lawyer and entrepreneur, reveals to his top pick, Aaliyah, a 29-year-old ICU travel nurse, that he once dated another contestant, Lydia. And guess what? Lydia, a 32-year-old geologist, also happens to be Aaliyah’s best friend on the show.

In the first few episodes, Lydia and Aaliyah’s friendship is as adorable as it gets. Lydia is there to comfort Aaliyah about her relationship with Uche, and they even cuddle under a blanket. But the bombshell drops when we find out that Lydia and Uche are exes, and they’ve kept it a secret from Aaliyah. Cue the emotional turmoil!

Love is Blind season 5

So, why did they keep it a secret, and how did this love triangle even happen? These questions linger throughout the season, especially when Uche suspects Lydia of joining the show to win him back. It’s a distressing situation for Uche, but it’s Aaliyah who seems to struggle the most as Lydia spills the beans about her past relationship with Uche. In this mind-bending environment, it’s hard to tell if Lydia is completely over Uche.

Reality shows have a knack for keeping their contestants in the dark, especially when things get complicated. No one steps in to provide clarity to these star-crossed blind lovers, at least not until the reunion episode. So, in the absence of answers, conspiracy theories start to brew.

By the end of Episode 4, Aaliyah leaves the show. But who knows, this might be temporary; previous seasons have seen couples reunite and return to the show after a pod breakup. For now, their fate remains uncertain.

The Other Couples

As for the other couples this season, well, most of them seem to be on shaky ground too. We’ve got Taylor, a 26-year-old teacher, and JP, a 32-year-old firefighter. They hit it off in the pods, but Taylor admits that matching JP’s voice to his face feels “weird.” Plus, she initially hesitates because of a teeth gap. Let’s hope love conquers all, even teeth gaps!

Then there’s Lydia and Milton, a 25-year-old engineer. Their age gap was a hurdle, but the real twist is their friendship with Aaliyah and Uche. Milton isn’t thrilled about it, but who knows, their shared love for rocks might save the day.

Love is Blind season 5

This season, it’s all about poetry instead of serenades through the pod wall. Uche and Aaliyah bond over spoken word, while Stacy and Izzy seem to have a shot at making it. Stacy, writes a spontaneous poem to her chosen lover, 31-year-old Izzy, and they connect on a deeper level. But let’s not count out Johnie, who’s still in the picture. She might reunite with Chris, a 28-year-old product manager. These two seem to have potential, and Chris is quite charming!

Trauma Dumping is Crossing the Line

I totally get the idea of wanting to be vulnerable with someone you might spend your life with and sharing your trauma, but it felt like a bit of an overload. Maybe it’s how the episodes were edited, but it was like one heavy story after another. Shouldn’t falling in love be more about having fun and feeling free, rather than getting weighed down by sadness and tragedy?

In an experiment like this, you definitely end up feeling super close to someone really quickly. And a big part of getting to know someone is understanding the pain they’ve been through in life. So, hearing these stories didn’t bother me, but some people’s reactions, especially when Izzy reacted to Johnie’s ex being an addict, were just hard to watch. Sometimes, it’s tough to know how to respond or comfort someone after hearing about a traumatic experience, but pushing someone away right away isn’t the way to go.

Only time will reveal the fates of these lovebirds, but one thing’s for sure: Love Is Blind Season 5 keeps upping its game, introducing new emotional landmines and keeping us hooked just like The Circle did with its evolving mechanics.



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