Loki: Is Ouroboros The Main Villain?

Ouroboros from Loki

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Loki Season 2 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for Marvel fans. From time-traveling escapades to unexpected character twists, this season has kept us on the edge of our seats. One character who’s been generating quite a buzz is Ouroboros, affectionately known as “O.B.” Played by the lovable Ke Huy Quan, O.B. may be Loki’s unlikely candidate for the role of the main villain. But is he really the one pulling the strings, or are we reading too much into it? Let’s dive into the world of Loki and explore whether Ouroboros is the main villain we’ve been waiting for.

The Friendly Facade: O.B.’s Deceptive Charm

First things first, O.B. comes across as a rather friendly and amiable character. He’s got that lovable aura that makes you want to trust him right from the start. But that’s exactly where the intrigue begins. Despite his apparent loyalty to Loki and the Time Variance Authority (TVA), there are some glaring hints that suggest O.B. might be up to something more sinister.

What’s in a Name? The Ouroboros Connection

Let’s start with O.B.’s name, Ouroboros. It’s not just a catchy moniker; it carries some deeper connotations. The term “Ouroboros” is often associated with infinity and the cycle of life, but here’s the twist: in Norse mythology, which Loki himself hails from, the Ouroboros is linked to the end of the world, known as Ragnarok. In this context, O.B.’s name could hint at an impending catastrophe or the unraveling of the multiverse. Could he be the one heralding the chaos?

O.B.’s Exceptional Knowledge: A Cause for Concern?

Another reason to keep an eye on O.B. is his unique position within the TVA. He’s the only member who possesses a complete recollection of all events. Now, this raises some eyebrows. It’s plausible that he has been working in cahoots with He Who Remains, or worse, he might be a variant of Kang. The latter theory is particularly intriguing, as it’s speculated that O.B. could be revealed as Mister Gryphon, another significant character in the Marvel Universe. The pieces seem to fit, don’t they?

From Underdog to Supervillain: O.B.’s Transformation

Sometimes, even the most well-intentioned individuals can turn to the dark side. O.B. could be a prime example of this transformation. Picture this: he’s toiling away in the TVA, working tirelessly on the Sacred Timeline, writing the agency’s handbook, and putting in the hard yards. But despite his unwavering dedication and expertise, he’s left feeling like a lesser member of the TVA. The sense of being overworked and abandoned by his colleagues could push him over the edge, ultimately leading him to become a villain.

Ke Huy Quan’s Endearing Persona: A Perfect Subversion

Ke Huy Quan, the actor behind O.B., is no stranger to the affection of fans. He’s already won hearts with his Oscar-winning role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Now, consider this: what if O.B., who has been presented as a good guy so far, turns out to be the main antagonist? It would be a fantastic subversion of expectations and a testament to Ke Huy Quan’s versatility as an actor. This twist would undoubtedly add a unique flavor to Loki Season 2 and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What Does This Mean for the MCU?

Now that we’ve explored the clues and theories surrounding O.B.’s potential villainy, what does it all mean for the MCU as a whole? It’s a question worth pondering. If O.B. were to take on the role of the main villain, it could have significant implications for the Multiverse Saga.

In the most recent episodes, Loki hinted at a universal reset, suggesting that the Sacred Timeline has exploded. If O.B.’s plan is to initiate such a reset, it could serve as a turning point for the MCU. This reset would provide a new direction for the Multiverse Saga, which has faced criticism for lacking a clear sense of purpose post-Endgame. It could also pave the way for characters surviving the reset to investigate the multiverse, eventually leading them to confront the variants of Kang the Conqueror.

Final Thoughts: Can We Trust O.B.?

As Loki Season 2 unfolds, the character of O.B. remains an enigma. Is he really the lovable and dedicated TVA engineer we’ve come to know, or is he the mastermind behind the impending chaos in the multiverse? The clues are there, and the theories are compelling, but only time will reveal the true nature of Ouroboros.

For now, we’ll keep watching new episodes of Loki every Thursday on Disney+ with a keen eye on O.B., wondering if the lovable character will ultimately emerge as the main villain of the season. One thing is for sure, in the ever-expanding Marvel Universe, unexpected twists and character developments are par for the course, and we can’t wait to see where this thrilling journey takes us next.



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